10 DIY Car Repairs To Save Money

Owning a car is a privilege but sometimes it does come with its costs. Though car repairs require the skills and knowledge of a pro in this field, there are certain problems you can fix yourself to cut the burden off your bank. Of course, it will also save your time. We have listed some car repairs you can do yourself that require basic understanding and simple tools.

1. Air filter replacement

You cannot afford having clogged air filters as they directly result in the car’s performance deteriorating. Replacing the worn out air filters with new ones will increase power and gas mileage.

2. Oil change

By keeping in mind some precautions, changing the oil is pretty easy. Just avoid changing it right after the car was driven as it will be very hot. Wait at least a couple of hours and then you are good to change the oil. The tools required are common ones like new oil, oil container, oil filter, ratchet, wrench and funnel.

3. Spark plugs

Fresh spark plugs can provide better fuel consumption and smooth driving. Also keep a track of the plug wires.

4. Wind shield wiper

Worn out wind shield wipers aren’t very helpful in providing the service they are made for i.e. wiping water off your windshield to give you clear vision of the road and optimal driving conditions. You just need a screwdriver and new wipers to replace the old ones.

5. Headlight/ Taillight bulbs

Being a careful owner, you should always keep track of the lights on your car’s exterior. It is a good option to take a 360 degree round of your car while it’s running to see whether all the bulbs are working or not. Replacing the light bulbs on your car is simple. Just remember to take your old bulb with you when you go to buy the new ones, so the size is correct.

6. Dangling exhaust pipes

Most cars use rubber loops to manage the exhaust pipes and keep them in place. Look for any broken hangers in the exhaust pipes and change those accordingly

7. Brake pads

Keeping brake pads in the best condition can save you from many car accidents. The wear and tear can depend on conditions like frequent use and driving style. Brake pads are essential elements of the braking system and you should be very attentive and careful while replacing them. The tools needed are usual including c-clamp, hammer, jack, lug wrench and Allen wrenches.

8. Fuel filters

If not changed regularly, fuel filters can cause damage to the engine worth hundred of dollars. Properly updated fuel filters keep the fuel injection and carburettor systems clean and working efficiently. Release the fuel system pressure before you replace the filters to prevent any injury.

9. Car radiator flush

Clean radiators help to keep engines cool. If not flushed timely, radiators can build deposits that can block the cooling system. Make sure that the engine is cool before removing the radiator cap to flush the radiator.

10. Tire replacement

Most drivers are well-versed with changing car tyres. All you need is a spare tire, a jack and tire replacing tools that most car manufacturers provide. Get your tires balanced by a professional later.

These do-it-yourself car repairs will help you keep your car in optimal conditions and will save money, but it is very important to take the appropriate precautions while attempting these repairs and keep SAFETY FIRST. Nothing is more important than you. No money or time can make up for any injury or damage to you.

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