10 DIY Maintenance Tips For Your Motorcycle

Have you always relied on a pro mechanic to deal with even the tiniest of motorcycle maintenance work? Do you want to be self-sufficient in this regard? Keep reading to learn some of the most useful maintenance tips you can carry out yourself.

1. Warm your motorcycle up

The engine oil starts to sit at the bottom when your bike is parked for a considerable period. Therefore, after starting the bike and before accelerating it with full throttle, give it 30 second to 1 minute.

This will give enough time to the oil to flow and lubricate the parts that are moving. One sign of nicely warmed up oil is your temperature indicator rising to the normal operating level.

2. Maintain the tyres

The bike tyres take a lot of burden. Those are basically the few millimetres of rubber that are separating the bike and rider from the road. Make sure to check the tread and keep track of the tyre pressure to avoid any avoidable wear and tear to your tyres.

3. Take care of the chain

A loose chain can cause trouble by becoming tangled and locking out the back wheel. This can be very dangerous. A very tight chain is not that dangerous but still can get damaged by prolonged stress.

One way to check if your chain is appropriately tight is by placing two fingers under the lowest part of the chain. About a lift of around 1.5 inches is mostly okay. However, check the manufacturer’s manual for correct information about your bike’s mechanics.

4. Keep track of the liquids

Different parts of a motorcycle require different fluids that should be timely replaced or topped-up. Be it engine, clutch, steering, brakes, or cooling system, you need to check the levels and take action accordingly.

Make sure that the bike is parked with the stand down and kept balanced to achieve an accurate reading.

5. Maintain the cables and the lights

Visually inspect your bike’s cables to notice any loose ones, broken ones, or damaged ones. They should be appropriately streamlined because cables not set in place can cause trouble and pose danger as those might get caught in a part. Worn out cables should be replaced immediately.

6. Check the battery

Constant vibration can cause the battery terminals to be loose or the accumulation of dirt on them can cause a disruption in the flow of electric charge. Clean the terminal connections regularly and tighten their screws.

Charge a dead battery but if your battery has been poorly charged and runs low, you should replace it.

7. Inspect the brakes

Regularly check the brake pads and their thickness because those grip the brake disc and cause the bike to slow down or come to a stop. Hence, they are an essential component. Get the worn out brake pads replaced before it’s too late (God forbid).

8. Check the air filters

Dirty air filters can become clogged very easily. Hence, dirty air filters should be cleaned and the clogged ones should be replaced immediately.

9. Take care of the nuts and bolts

Park your bike, engage the central stand, and take a look at the handlebars, wheel nuts, luggage racks, and wing mirrors. Make sure nothing is loose.

10. Stay updated about the coolant

A coolant prevents your bike’s engine from overheating, freezing, and corroding. Replace it whenever you see that it has completed its term of service.

That’s a wrap. Make sure to study the manufacturer’s manual for your bike thoroughly. Follow the rules and limitations that are laid out. Always listen to your bike when it tries to tell you something, meaning, take any warning signs seriously and inspect the problem. Let experts handle it if you don’t have the appropriate knowledge.

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