10 Must-Follow Tips For Car Owners

Owning a car is always a pleasure. You sit in the driver’s seat and feel the control you have over your ride. As much as you get excited, you should always keep in consideration some basic measures when you own a car, so your happiness is long lasting.

1. Research and select an insurance plan

It is very important for someone to have your back. When you own a car, it is exposed on the road everyday and has quite a few risks lingering around. With the right insurance plan structured by a trustable company, you will have a sense of security.

2. Study your owner’s manual

Your car’s owner manual is your best friend. You might be a car expert, but it never takes anything but a little time to give it a read. You should have a thorough understanding of your car’s maintenance schedule, how to check and refill fluids, your car’s advanced features, tire pressure, fuel efficiency and many other helpful bits.

3. Give your car value and a long life

You never want to take away your supreme ride’s life even by a day. So, don’t just think about the money you might save from skipping the routine maintenance, think about the extra life your car can have just by being regularly checked. Change the oil, rotate the tires, replace air filter as advised and have a well-performing car.

4. Bless your car with regular washes

Who doesn’t like a shiny clean car? We all do. Car washes not only help you keep your roadster looking good but also preserves the integrity of your car by getting rid of any dirt and debris that might damage your paint sealer, that can then expose your car to dust and corrosion. That won’t be pleasant. So, take your car for regular washes.

5. Make sure the tire pressure is checked

Your car’s tires should have the ideal tire pressure as your owner’s manual suggests. It increases your gas mileage and prolongs the tires’ life.

6. Keep your receipts

Keep the paperwork of your car organized properly. You should be able to prove track of your car’s maintenance once you want to sell it so you can get the price your excellent car is worth for.

7. No phone while driving

Be it a message or an Instagram notification, it can always wait. Risking your life is NOT worth it. So, do a favour to yourself and your loved ones, Stay Safe. A significant percentage of all car accidents is due to texting while driving. Make sure you act responsibly.

8. Revise your driving habits

Your driving habits can save gas. Avoid accelerating quickly, braking suddenly and driving your car at high speeds, you will save money as well as chances of getting driving tickets.

9. Don’t park your car in the front

To avoid dents and scratches ruining your car’s exterior, try to find a spot at the back of the parking lot. Keep your car away from the spotlight, keep it new.

10. Install a dash cam

God forbid, if you ever get into an accident, it’s always an inconvenience to convince the other person that it wasn’t your fault which caused the accident. So, to prove your side of the story, you can rely on the dash cam footage. That can save you a lot of trouble.

In conclusion, you have every right to enjoy your ride, but whatever happens, don’t forget that being behind the wheel doesn’t mean you neglect your responsibility.

Safe Travels.

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