10 Must-Follow Tips For Motorcycle Owners

The joy of owning a motorcycle is unrivalled. There is nothing like the feeling of ownership, the thrill when you ride the two-wheeler, and the energy you feel when you go through the wind. However, when you love something, you should take care of it with all your heart.

Below are 10 most important tips that you should follow to keep your motorcycle fit and to extend its life.

1. Properly break your motorcycle in

After you purchase a new bike, you have to break it in properly. Follow the rules told by the manufacturer for the first few hundred miles. That will prevent the engine from getting damaged. Taking your motorbike out for an aggressive ride after it has been sitting for long is not a good idea either. Try to avoid this.

2. Ride properly

Use your bike, do not abuse it. Treat it well. Going for extreme rides often, even on high-performing superbikes, is not an intelligent choice. Avoid hard and sudden braking. It can cause damage to the brakes and tyres. Over speeding will cause overheating and damage to the engine.

3. Wash your bike regularly

This is something you just take care of in order to save money and time. Washing your bike yourself regularly will decrease the frequency of professional services. It will also remove corrosive substances from important parts of your motorcycle. That will prevent mechanical problems. Hence, your money won’t be spent on workshop visits.

Do proper research when picking a cleaning agent. You don’t want your motorbike paint to be damaged.

4. Take care of the air filter

Impure air can enter and cause damage to the engine if the air filter is clogged or just dirty. This can also cause an irregular mixture formation of fuel and air. Cleaning it after a ride on a dusty road is always recommended.

5. Lubricate the chain

Checking your bike’s chain is essential to have a longer lifespan for your motorcycle. Clean the chain. Make sure that not only is it properly lubricated but also has proper slack. Excess tension in the chain can cause problems in the gearbox bearing and the wheels. Lubrication of chain after rides helps in better oil absorption.

6. Lubricate regularly

Chain isn’t the only part that should be lubricated. Swing arms, suspension linkages, wheel bearings, and steering-head bearings also require regular lubrication. Replace the fork oil when you think its time is up.

7. Keep track of the tyre air pressure

It is important to always keep your bike tyres properly inflated. Heat is caused by under-inflated tyres. That causes increased wear and tear of your tyres. This can result in damage to the tyre structure that is a hazard when you are on the road.

8. Take care of your motorcycle’s battery

Replacing a dead battery is always an option but do you really want to be stranded at a roadside with a bike that won’t work? No, right? Keep your battery charged if you want to prevent that. Also, it will then, stay stronger for a long time. Maintain the battery. Clean the corrosive substance that you might see on the terminals.

Checking your battery’s power by a battery tester to ensure its proper functionality is also recommended. If you have to keep your bike inactive for a significant period, make sure to connect the battery to a battery charger.

9. Check your motorcycle’s alignment

Proper alignment of your motorcycle will maintain not only the tyres but also the bike. Tyres worn down much faster if the its not aligned. Loop a string around the two tyres to check the alignment. Make sure they are on the appropriate factory alignment marks.

10. Keep your motorcycle covered

Either store it in a garage or put a cover over it when stored outside. A motorcycle that is exposed to the sun for long periods can be easily damaged. Covers also protect your bike from extreme weather conditions like rain and dust storms.

Wrapping up, it is very important to treat your motorcycle right if you want its companionship for long. Neglecting care tips shouldn’t be an option.

Enjoy a fit bike!

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