10 Must-Haves In Your Car For Emergency Situations

Every car owner or driver should always stay on top of the regular car check-ups and scheduled maintenance. This cannot, however, guarantee protection from road-side emergency situations. Those are unforeseen and hence, many of us aren’t usually prepared appropriately.

It is very important to never be too confident about your car staying perfectly fine whenever on the road. You can have a flat tyre, a dead battery, or a heated engine, when you are least expecting it. Better prepared than sorry!

Below are 10 of the most helpful things that you should have in your car at all times:

1. First Aid Kit

First and foremost, you should have a first aid kit in your car. It must have all the necessary items for a medical emergency. With all those products, it can prove to be a life-saving kit. It is not only valuable for the driver and passengers of the car in case of an accident, but also for others on the road if there is a mishap.

2. Jump Starter

A car on the roadside with a dead battery is a common happening. There can be various reasons for that. However, a jump start cable can be your way out of being stranded in scorching heat with a car that has a dead battery. Jump starters have a long-lasting battery that can power your vehicle for days without having to depend on another vehicle.

3. Tyre Sealant

It is a must-have because tyres are vulnerable. They are very strong but can get punctured by rough terrain or sharp items. It is advisable to always keep a tyre sealant with you since you might not have a spare tyre with you all the time.

Once applied, the sealant forms a protective layer around the tyre. No air is lost from the puncture. So, a tyre sealant can be a natural repair until you have access to an extra tyre.

4. Tyre Pressure Gauge

This instrument is important to manage pressure fluctuations in the tyres. This can affect fuel usage and ride comfort. You need to make sure that the pressure is optimal.

5. Air Pump

You don’t want to damage your rims by constantly driving on a flat tyre. Long drives or weather changes can cause the air pressure in the tyre to change. Hence, you need to monitor it constantly. You can add or reduce tyre pressure as needed.

6. Towing Cable

You always should have a tow strap or cable in your car. Sometimes, the problem can’t be fixed on the roadside. You might have to tow your vehicle to a nearby assistance facility. A towing cable can be your best friend in doing so.

7. Fire Extinguisher

Cars are exposed to a constant threat. God forbid, you can get into an accident that results in a fire or extreme hot weather can lead to an engine fire. Fire extinguishers can be your saviour. You should take care and service the fire extinguisher after the “effective until” date.

8. Emergency Light

There is no guarantee as to when will you face an emergency situation. It might be in broad daylight or in utter dark. You can’t depend on your phone’s flashlight for such uncertain times. It is better to keep a reliable emergency light, so you can have sufficient light if you need to fix something or call for help.

9. Multipurpose Tool

Having a multipurpose tool at your access is bound to help you with various tasks. You can use it to cut or reattach wires, open screw-locked compounds, etc. Multipurpose tool will be your favourite item to handle DIY repairs.

10. Portable Car Charger

Being stranded with a car that has a problem is bad itself. You don’t want anything that could make it worse. So, you should keep a portable car charger, so your phone can always have some battery.

Trust me, it’s way too bad to be stranded in a remote area, with a dead cell phone, and no means to call for help. It is advisable to buy a portable charger with multiple ports. That will enable you to charge multiple devices at a time like your rechargeable emergency light or laptop.

Just make sure you have all the essentials for a road-side emergency. Like it’ said, “Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.”

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