10 Ways You Can Save Money From Driving

Owning a car is always a pleasure. Driving around, visiting places, giving friends a ride, this all is the guaranteed fun. The matter to ponder upon is, are you having an expensive fun when you can cut down the cost?

We understand that motoring can be heavy on your bank. Here are some tips for you to save some money, even little by little will make a difference.

  • Tune up your car

Treat your car with a tune up from a mechanic specially before embarking on a long road trip. Let the pro check your filters, fluids, brakes and battery to make sure your four-wheeler isn’t stuck anywhere during the drive.

  • Optimize your tyres

Keep your tyres properly inflated as high temperatures might affect air pressure and deteriorate your gas mileage. So, try to keep the tyres in A1 condition.

  • No acceleration when the car is started

Nowadays, a car’s engine electronics regulate the car starting procedure. You can prevent risk to your engine and wasting extra fuel if you keep your foot of the accelerator pedal when you start the car.

  • Follow the speed limit

The most effective way to cut down expense on gas is by NOT speeding. Travelling at 120 km/hr takes up 20% more fuel than at 100 km/hr. These figures are an eye-opener. Avoid speeding to get the most fuel efficiency.

  • Park away from other cars

Try to find a parking spot that is not crowded with other cars. This way you can save your roadster from getting damaged by other car doors or scrapes when others drive in and out.

  • Turn down the A.C

As much as the air conditioner is a bliss on hot days, it causes you extra money. Don’t resort directly to turning it on, instead try conventional methods like rolling down the windows or opening the sunroof.

  • Avoid idling

Whenever you are stuck in bad traffic for a while, it’s always better to turn your engine off. It is proven that idling for 10 seconds take more fuel than it does to restart the engine.

  • Take care of your wind shield

If there is any little crack on your wind shield, get it fixed immediately. Heat can cause cracks to spread. Save yourself from spending a fortune on just your wind shield repair, do it while the damage is minimal.

  • Top-up your fluids

Hydration is really important for cars as it is for humans. Keep a track of your oil and engine coolant levels. Re-fill them before a long road trip.

  • Don’t park your car in the sun

A car being exposed to the sun for a continuous period of time can result in overheating that can negatively impact the engine. Take a look at your car’s temperature gauge. Try to always park your in a covered parking lot or any where there is least exposure to sun.

Take care of your car and your bank. You don’t like anything that is costing you an arm or a leg. Don’t let that extent to be hit, adopt these money-saving tips and you are good to go.


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