11 Tips To Be Relaxed While Driving

Being behind the wheel can get overwhelming, no matter if you are a learner or an experienced driver. The challenges associated to commuting can cause trouble. It is better to work on yourself to overcome any anxiety and be relaxed while driving. The following tips are bound to help you.

1. Prepare for the drive timely

It’s not a wise option to rush everywhere. If you know you have to reach a destination by a certain time, plan ahead of it. Consider time for uncertainties like traffic jams, under maintenance roads, and any accidents (God Forbid). Plan your route before you start driving.

2. Set up your car

Make sure your car is set up in a comfortable position. Adjust the mirrors. Engage the GPS beforehand if you plan on using it. Put your destination in it before you start driving. You don’t want to get stressed by trying to figure out the route after you are already on the road.

3. Put your devices away

The constant sound of notifications or any reminders can distract you while driving. Reading a text can put stress on your mind, e.g. a text about an assignment, etc. Using your electronic devices like mobile phone while driving is also very dangerous and a threat to life.

4. Take deep breaths

Practice deep breathing as it can instantly calm you down. Deep breathing will lower your blood pressure and relax you. This action is also helpful when you feel road rage or anxiety.

5. Release tension from your body

Often times, while driving, you might find your body stiffened. Your neck might be tight and jaw tense. However, relax. Shrug your shoulders, release the tension in your jaw, and smile. You can stretch your arms and fingers when you come at a stop.

6. Stay confident in new conditions

Life’s uncertain. Sometimes you might have to drive in new conditions that you haven’t been in before. You may have to take an alternative route because the regular one is blocked, etc. Believe in yourself. Tell yourself that you are a good driver and are capable of driving safely in unfamiliar environments.

7. Be cautious of the weather

You sometimes have to drive through wind or rain. However, it is suggested to not drive at all when the weather is hazardous. If you do have to drive in extreme weather, make sure your headlights are on, brakes and wipers are working. Look out for hazard signs like fallen trees or landslides.

8. Stay alert at night

Alertness is required in day and night. Driving at night just needs extra concentration. Pedestrians or other vehicles might not be too visible at night, specially if the latter doesn’t have lights on or is parked. Avoid driving when you are sleepy or exhausted.

9. Accept it if you are late

Late to a meeting? Call your colleague and let them know you will be late. It’s okay to accept that but driving in a rush is dangerous. If you inform the concerned person when you are running late, it will help you relax, and your mind will be at a better place while behind the wheel.

10. Inform passengers not to distract you

You can always talk to other people in the car. However, it is not good if they are distracting you. Often kids like to show their toys or something. That can get your mind off the road and onto that. Similarly, if someone’s comments are making you nervous, politely talk to them about it, so they don’t do it again.

11. Keep your calm around rude drivers

Other drivers can upset you. It may be the way they are driving, or the remark they passed when they went by you. However, don’t let them get the better out of you. Stay relaxed and don’t respond with rude gestures. Focus on your driving.

These simple tips will make your driving experiences a whole lot better.

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