3 Motorways Closed Due To Dense Fog

The winter season is going strong. Fog has been engulfing the central and southern parts of Punjab at night. This has forced the Motorway Police to shut down three most-used motorways of Punjab.

According to the recent update, motorway M3 has been closed from Lahore to Abdul Hakeem last night as the visibility was almost zero. Motorway M4 has also been shut down from Pindi Bhattian to Shamkot. Khanewal to Multan motorway and Sialkot motorway also remained closed last night.

Travellers expressed their annoyance on the inconvenience caused by the closure of motorways as it caused them to be stranded on the road for most of the night. A spokesperson for motorway police has requested the travellers to avoid any unnecessary travel at night. He also issued instructions for the travellers to use fog lights and observe a considerable distance with other vehicles when traveling is inevitable.

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Us, the citizens, should understand the dangers attached to traveling in fog when the lack of visibility can pose a great threat to our lives and other travellers. Closing the motorways is a sensible step as the authorities should not and cannot afford any risk.

Hope we all abide by the rules laid out by the motorway police and related officials.

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