5 Car Care Tips For Monsoon Season

Rainy season can be pretty harsh. There are a lot of tips to drive safely in rainy weather, but do you know how to keep your car in good shape through the heavy rains? Let’s look at a few tips about that.

1. Clean your car windows

Make sure to keep your car windows, windshield, and even headlights and taillights clean. It is very important that you have a clear visibility of the road.

2. Check the tread of the tyres

Your tyres should be running perfectly on wet roads. Their tread shouldn’t have worn out because they won’t be able to have the same grip on the road then. Also, monitor the tyre pressure. Low pressure in tyres will prevent them from squeezing water out of your way.

3. Replace the windshield wipers

Dry and worn out blades of the windshield wipers don’t function efficiently and properly. Make sure to replace them with perfectly fine working blades that can keep the windshield clear for you during rain.

4. Check the car’s battery

Your car’s battery may deteriorate if it encounters rainfall often. Make sure to have a working battery, if needed, replace your old one. The last thing you want in heavy rain is getting stranded on a road-side with a dead car battery.

5. Check the car’s brakes

Wet brakes will cause problems when you will try to stop the car. The brake’s efficiency will be significantly decreased. That’s why make sure to keep up with the condition of the brakes and get them fixed when needed.

That’s about it. Now, you know that in any monsoon season, you don’t have to worry about maintaining your car if you follow the above-mentioned tips. Just take out some time to check all the factors and stay on top of your car’s maintenance.

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