5 Car Parts That Get Affected In Hot Weather

Summers are getting hotter in Pakistan and temperatures go up to as high as 40 degree Celsius to 50 degree Celsius. It not only frustrates us but takes a toll on our cars. There is a 50% more chance of a car getting overheated in summers. Some car parts are more prone to damage in extreme heat. Let’s see what those parts are, and what you can do to prevent such damages.

1. Battery

There are chemical processes that go on in a car’s battery. Extreme heat can not only slow them down but also become an obstacle in their smooth running. Batteries then struggle to keep charge and are even unable to produce enough power.

To prevent such problem, you should get your car serviced before summer starts. Always keep a voltage meter so you can check the charging of your car’s battery yourself. Hence, you will be aware whenever you need to charge your battery or replace it. To avoid being stranded on roadside, keep a jumpstart cable with you, so you can get your car running again if the battery dies down while you are driving.

2. Engine Oil

In intense heat, the engine oil starts to get thinner. This can reduce its efficiency and increase friction in the parts of the engine that don’t get the required protection. This can result in engine damage.

It is suggested to change the engine oil before summer kicks in. Keep a track of it and make sure it is fully topped up.

3. Cooling system

The car cooling system is vulnerable as it has to work much harder in extreme weathers. This particular system is what makes the engine work at the right temperature. This requires a coolant but on a hot day, this liquid gets heated up unnecessarily. Hence, rather than providing an optimum temperature to the engine, it overheats it and that results in an engine failure.

Use high-quality coolants that offer boil protection, so extreme hot weathers don’t pose a threat to your car’s cooling system.

4. Air Conditioning

An improperly maintained air conditioning system can cause you a lot of trouble, especially during summers. It can get clogged and hence, it shall lack the power required to cool the car down.

To avoid this problem, get your car and air conditioning system serviced before high temperatures hit your area.

5. Tyres

Heat makes the air inside the tyres expand. That results in over-inflation and can also bulge the tyre walls. Most of the tyre breakdowns happen in summers.

You should develop the habit of checking the tyre pressure regularly. Having excessive pressure can damage your tyres and eventually, result in the tyres being burst. That’s something that can put you in danger.

We all should make sure that we treat our cars right in extreme weathers. These four-wheelers help us in our lives and we should pay them back by taking care of them.

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