5 DIY Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Motorcycle Engine

Are you a motorcycle enthusiast? It means you not only love your motorcycle but also keep it in first-class condition. This includes keeping a track of the maintenance schedule of your bike, checking the fuel, inspecting the tyres, and making sure your engine is in a good condition. Below are a few tips that you can follow to extend the term of service of your motorcycle engine:

1. Change engine oil at regular intervals

It is suggested to check your engine oil regularly, at least every 3 months. You should top up the oil if required. The engine oil basically acts as a lubricant for the engine components and prevents rust formation.

Overused oil can cause the engine to become faulty and function improperly. Make sure to keep your engine healthy by using good quality oil and inspecting it regularly.

2. Engage appropriate gears when changing speed

Remember to change the gears when increasing or decreasing speed. However, do keep in mind that changing the speed and gears frequently can put strain on the engine that won’t be too good for its health.

3. Clean the air filter regularly

The air filter picks up dust and debris. You should clean it at regular intervals to prevent any negative impact on the engine. Make sure there is no clogging. Engine oil won’t be able to help the engine if the air filter is dirty or clogged.

4. Check the battery

Battery is a key item in a vehicle. Inspect the connection of the battery to the respective terminal so the electric flow is smooth.

5. Service the engine regularly

Cleanliness always contributes to the wellbeing of any component. Your motorcycle engine can suffer damage to important parts if its cleaning is long overdue. Make sure stay on top of the engine’s service schedule.

Keeping the engine in a good condition can result in your motorcycle being functionable for a longer period, so it means more amazing rides!

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