5 Gifts For A Car Lover

There are car enthusiasts everywhere. People who can spontaneously start talking about cars and they sure have the knowledge to flaunt regarding these automobiles. You probably know about such people. What’s better than giving some car-related gifts to them?

Here is a list of items you can choose from to present to the car lover in your life.

1. Car Air Freshener

It’s not all about driving around in a beautiful ride, it’s about the passengers having a genuinely pleasant time. A car regularly in use might not always smell great. You eat in the car and sometimes the shoes are muddy when you get in it. So, the solution is an Air Freshener.

There are different kinds of air fresheners that can be found. Some can be hung by the rear-view mirror while others can be stuck on the dashboard. Some can even be fixed in the AC vent.

By using a car freshener, the bad smells can be totally eliminated. A feeling of freshness by the pleasant scent can be sensed. They also add an element of tranquility to the daily commutes.

2. Car Cleaning Kit

Car owners realize how big of a deal it is to keep their car clean. A tiny blemish can ruin the most shiny and fancy cars. What’s important is that the car owners have the right equipment to keep their cars looking neat.

A Car Cleaning Kit always comes in handy. It doesn’t have to include a ton of things. Just a few necessary products and you have a cleaning kit with which you can keep your beast shiny and sleek.

  • Car Shampoo

An anti-corrosive oil free car shampoo is a must. It can be used without having to worry about the degradation of the car paint.

  • Microfiber Cloth

A piece of cloth is always needed to thoroughly clean the car’s exterior. A microfiber cloth just does that the right way. It picks up tiny dust particles which might not come in the grip of a normal cloth. It’s also soft on the paint. No scratches, no tension.

  • Small Rubber

Squeegee Windscreens require a cleaning session often. It’s feared that using a rough sponge or a cloth might leave the windscreen scratched and dried water patches can be left behind. So, a small rubber squeegee is used by world-class cleaners to clean the windscreen.

  • Wheel and Carpet Brush

These can thoroughly clean the details on the tires and as well as the car mats. Don’t use just any brush, use the stiff-bristled brushes to shine your wheels and have fresh carpets inside your car.

  • Car Vacuum Cleaner

Without having to go to a car cleaner to get your interior properly cleaned, this car vacuum cleaner can extract dust out of the corners and give you a clean and fresh interior pleasant to ride in.

3. Customized Keychain

A personal touch to the everyday use things is always a heart-warming gesture. A customized car keychain with may be the owner’s name on it or the keychain can be car or wheel shaped. A personalized keychain always makes way to the heart of whom it’s gifted to.

4. A book about cars

There are some really well-written automotive books out there. Some tell the history of cars while others can include accounts of car owners. A few of the famous books from auto world are:

  • ‘Car: The Definitive Visual History of the Automobile’ by Kathryn Hennessy
  • ‘This Day in Automotive History’ by Brian Corey
  • ‘Auto Empire’ by Eric Choi, Richard Choi

5. A cordless tire inflator

A basic element of ensuring safety while driving is keeping the tires inflated. There is not always a mechanic or a tire shop near you, so a cordless tire inflator comes in handy. It also saves the car owner from strenuous pumping to top-up the tire pressure.

Cordless tire inflators run on rechargeable batteries and can work as good as the conventional method of refilling the pressure into the tires. It just saves you from the hassle.

Gift these essential car accessories to your beloved car lover and make their everyday driving experience more enjoyable. Their cleaning worries can be solved as well as keeping the tire pressure at the ideal value. You can really present them something they will always use and remember you all along.

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