5 Maintenance Tips To Extend The Life Of Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery requires constant maintenance. Otherwise, its performance can deteriorate and the trips to the workshop can increase.

Below are 5 tips for the maintenance of heavy machinery equipment:

1. Stay up-to-date with the operator training

Operating large machinery is not always a piece of cake. When you purchase a heavy machine like a tractor etc., operator training is usually done at that time. However, with new employees coming in, you should stay on top of the training. Make sure everyone who operates the machine is well trained. Poor performance and command results in the breakdown.

2. Top-up the lubricants

Maintaining lubricant levels result in better lifespan of the machine as lubricants reduce friction between different parts. Make sure there is no grease on the pistons. Also, check for leaks around the oil seal.

Sometimes, it is better if you let the pros handle the matter. They can see and point out by the build up of contaminants that which part is the victim of wear and tear.

3. Check for signs of wear and tear

There are many factors that contribute in the wear of a machine. If gears and belts are unaligned, vibration can be caused. If the machinery is being poorly operated, it will be more vulnerable to shocks. As a machine ages, the belts wrap, seals crack and bolts loosen up. Keep these parts under your eye. Replace the equipment as soon as you see any sign of wear and tear.

4. Keep the machinery clean

Though there are seals that keep parts secure, you should check the seals because you cannot afford them being in a bad condition. Inspect and clean dirty filters and replace the clogged ones. Keep the breathers clean to avoid contamination. Store the machinery under a shade or in a proper shed. Avoid it being exposed to extreme weather. Try to run the machine periodically if its not being used for quite some time.

5. Keep a maintenance record

There are a lot of components that need regular check-ups. Fluids, electric system, tyres, and tracks, all of these should be maintained. Gearboxes should be taken care of, specially their lubrication. Oil should be tested to diagnose any problems. Torque checks should be run on bolts.

Keep a record of all the scheduled maintenance, don’t miss any scheduled check-up of your machinery and don’t regard any component as being unimportant.

That’s about it. Take care of these 5 simple things and you will be doing heavy machinery a huge favour.

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