5 Reasons Behind Your Motorcycle’s Dead Battery

Keeping motorcycle batteries running in a good condition can be tricky. You just need to know what’s wrong with the battery and how to fix it.

Regular maintenance and proper care of a motorcycle battery goes a long way. However, you can’t solve a problem if you don’t know the cause. Let’s take a look at 5 of the main reasons for why your motorcycle battery might be dead.

1. Overloading the battery

Avoid using too many accessories on your motorcycle battery. It can overload it and reduce its life. Make sure to check the battery’s voltage and then calculate the accessories running on it.

2. Flawed voltage regulator

If the voltage regulator of your motorcycle is faulty, then it can easily cause the battery to live a short life. Monitor all the connections, be it of the regulator or the alternator. Don’t forget to check up on the resistance of the regulators. All of these elements should be in desired conditions.

3. Weak ground connection

If the ground connection between the frame and the battery is poor, the battery can end up dead. This is because it won’t receive the charging it requires. Clean the connections and make sure they are rightly secured.

4. Leaky circuit

If there is a leak in the circuit, it may be because of the accessories attached that run on the battery’s power. That will drain the battery until it dies.

Make sure to follow the proper procedure to check for leaky circuits and fix the issue before your motorcycle battery expires.

5. Heat and vibrations

These two factors can negatively impact the life of a motorcycle battery. Some batteries aren’t designed to bear heat and vibrations to a high extent. This can damage internal components too.

Give your time and attention to the motorcycle and its battery to make sure it doesn’t wear out before its usual time.


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