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5 Reasons Dubai is the Perfect Honeymoon Destination

by Annvi

Are you one of those couples who are eager to explore new places, learn about different cultures, relish the beauty of new attractions, and hog delicious cuisines? Then we’ve got the perfect honeymoon destination for you. 

Home to some of the most magnificent wonders of the world, Dubai has everything that you’ll need for a dreamy start to your fairytale! From tall skyscrapers, luxurious hotels, and beautiful beaches, to breathtaking views and world-class fine dining experiences, just name it, you got it!  

If you’re in doubt about choosing the desert city for your romantic getaway then Here are 5 reasons that will make you book the flight tickets right away!

  • Lush Hotels and Resorts

Extravagance, luxury, comfort, and adventure are a few words that come to mind whenever one talks about the city of gold. What’s better than 7-star hotels, world-class service, and deluxe facilities? That’s right, nothing! Nothing tops the luxury and comfort of the Dubai hotels. This sheikhdom is perfect for couples who love some privacy and leisure. 

Known for its iconic sail-shaped design, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah offers a private beach (perfect for some intimate moments by the sea), multiple swimming pools, and a variety of fine dining options for a romantic meal with your better half. Other than that, The Ritz-Carlton, Dubai features private balconies with stunning views of the Arabian Gulf and if you’re in the mood to relax and unwind then you can also avail of the couple’s spa service available at the hotel. 

  • Hospitable local residents

A melting pot of cultures, this metropolis is home to people belonging to various cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds who will make your stay as comfortable and as peaceful as possible. You’ll come across some of the most loving individuals in the world. While you’re roaming around with your spouse and exploring Dubai, expect a lot of helping hands to make your experience smooth as butter! A friendly and lively atmosphere is essential for a great time and it’s one of the many reasons why the glitzy city is one of the most preferred vacation spots across the globe.

  • Shopping Malls and Souks

Who doesn’t love a little retail therapy? Whether you’re on your honeymoon, family vacation, or work trip, going on a shopping spree is mandatory! Dubai is home to some of the largest shopping malls in the world. You’ll definitely need more than a couple of days to explore every nook and cranny of the Dubai Mall. After all the wedding stress, grab this chance to spend some quality time with your partner and spoil them rotten with multiple gifts and treats! Apart from the malls, you can also visit the famous souks. 

  • Adventures to galvanize your love life

If you’re one of those couples that thrive on thrill and adrenaline then book a safari tour and get ready for some dune bashing. Hold on tight, coz the ride’s about to get real bumpy! Zoom through the Emirati dunes on a 4×4 vehicle and enjoy a Tanoura dancing show with a barbeque dinner later. Careful, it’s gonna be smokin’ hot! 

Apart from the desert safari, you can go Skydiving over Palm Jumeirah and get a bird’s eye view of the gorgeous city or get your blood pumping by Ziplining across the Dubai Marina. One thing that you just can’t miss on your honeymoon is the Hot Air balloon ride over the desert. Spend some quality time with your lover up in the air, soak in the magnificent views and make beautiful memories that will last a lifetime! 

  • Affordable Transport options 

When you’re on your honeymoon there are a lot of places to explore and multiple things to do all within a few days. If not planned properly, one of the most important vacations of your life can easily turn into a nightmare. We don’t want that to happen now, do we? So, don’t forget to research and pick the perfect mobility solution before embarking on the journey! 

While public transportation solutions are easily accessible in this middle eastern cosmopolitan city, they come with their own set of limitations. There’s always a risk of delayed pickups, long queues, and crowded rush hours. Even if you’re ready to deal with fixed schedules and long waiting times, you won’t be able to get the privacy that you might expect on your honeymoon. 

It’s better to rent a private vehicle and avoid such hassles. You’ll be able to explore Dubai at your own pace and spend some intimate moments with your spouse. What more do you want? Just download the ekar app and subscribe to an ekar for the duration of your honeymoon. No more stressing over mobility options! You’ll have your own set of wheels with you at all times. 

Get access to a variety of vehicles with flexible pricing options, end your trip whenever you’d like, and no paperwork. Zoom through the city while enjoying private time with your spouse on your ekar. 

Ready for Dubai?

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