5 Reasons For The Failure Of Your Car Clutch

The automotive industry first introduced manual cars. As time passed, automatic transmission was brought to life. Even now, quite many people use manual transmission cars. So, it’s important to understand the clutch and possible reasons for its failure.

Let’s take a look at 5 of the most common reasons behind a failing clutch.

1. Stretched or broken cables

The cables of the clutch run from the pedals to the linkages. Applying pressure by foot increases the tension in the cable and releasing the pressure causes the tension to decrease. Worn out cables won’t be able to fulfill their purpose of disengaging the clutch which lets you change the gears.

2. Worn out throw-out bearings

These bearings constantly move, regardless if the clutch is engaged or not. If the throw-out bearings are in a terrible condition, there won’t be enough lubrication. So, they won’t serve their purpose. 

3. Leaking cylinders

Fluid is needed in the hydraulic clutches to build pressure and work properly. Leaking cylinders lose the fluid and are therefore unable to build the pressure required. Warning signs of a leaky cylinder are puddles of fluid under your car or burnt smell.

4. Damaged pressure plates

Clutch discs are attached to their flywheels by pressure plates. When they are worn out, they are unable to apply the required pressure to keep the clutch disc against its flywheel. Your clutch might rattle, or you might hear a squeaking sound if the pressure plates are in a bad condition.

5. Faulty repair jobs

If you have recently gotten your clutch changed, the repair job might have been improper. In some cases, you may have to change the surrounding components as well to get a perfectly functional new clutch.

These are a few reasons that can help you figure out what’s wrong with your car clutch. Take immediate action and get the problem checked. Let a professional fix it, so you don’t have to invest money and time in a faulty clutch again and again.

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