5 Reasons Of A Hard To Shift Manual Transmission

Manual transmission is still commonly used. You have to change gears manually in such a transmission. Sometimes, the gears get hard and it is close to impossible for you to change the gears.

This can be a severely dangerous condition as well. The car might just become undrivable all in all.

Let’s take a look at 5 causes of a hard to shift gear.

1. Damaged Master Cylinder

There are various components in the clutch system. Those include clutch master cylinder, clutch cover, release fork, release bearing, and release cylinder. If any of these has a problem, specifically clutch master cylinder, then you will have a hard time shifting gears.

2. Worn-Out Gears

There are a lot of gears in a manual transmission. They can range from 1 to 4 or even 6. If any of these is damaged or worn out, you will have trouble changing gears.

3. Damaged Hub Sleeve

The hub gear acts as a bridge between the gears. The hub sleeve makes sure that the teeth of the hub gear are synchronized with the teeth of the synchronizer ring. If the hub sleeve is worn out, you will experience in shifting gears due to the lack of synchronization.

4. Damaged synchronizer ring

The hub sleeve can easily engage the synchronizer ring due to its plenty of teeth. There will be engagement issues if the ring is worn-out. Thus, you might not be able to shift the gears easily.

5. Low level of gear oil

Keep in mind that you should flush and change the transmission fluid every once in a while. Gears don’t get the required lubrication if the fluid is burnt or low. It will make shifting gears really hard for you.

Make sure that you monitor all the above elements. Only then will you be able to smoothly and easily shift your car gears.

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