5 Things to Do if Your Car Tyre Bursts

A tyre blowout is considered one of the top fears of drivers. While a tyre can burst due to any of various reasons, it can always lead to loss of control over the car. Factors like panic and stress add in and a person may be clueless about what to do in such a trouble situation.

However, all hope is not lost. Below are few of the things you should do if your car tyre bursts.

1. Maintain a safe driving speed

The lower your speed, the higher your chances of survival. Just keep the speed in a lower range and drive cautiously.

2. Don’t slam on the brake pedal

It is natural and instinctive to apply the brakes with utmost pressure when you feel your car getting out of control. However, to be honest, hard braking is the worst action to take after a tyre blowout. It will just make the car even more out of control.

3. Don’t leave the accelerator suddenly

Take your foot off the accelerator slowly and gradually after you know that your car tyre has burst. There is no need to immediately leave the accelerator as the deceleration force resulting from a tyre blowout is strong enough to eventually slow down the vehicle.

It doesn’t mean that you don’t leave the accelerator slowly.

4. Keep your car pointed straight

The car’s composure will be greatly affected if you corner turn the car, or at least try to, with a blown tyre. Pull the steering to the opposite direction if the car is drifting to one side. You don’t want to end up on the road divider or any other lane (God Forbid).

5. Don’t overcorrect

Keep in mind that you have to avoid sharp turns or extra corrections as that can lead to the car rolling over. Use the steering softly and make mild corrections while maintaining center line or bringing the car to a safe stop.

That’s a wrap. These are the 5 of the most crucial things to remember if your car becomes victim to a tyre blowout (God Forbid). Try your best to maintain your nerves while handling the unenviable situation.

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