5 Things You Should Never Do While Driving A Manual Car

Your car is an investment of your hard-earned money. Take good care of it and don’t let it get damaged. It will benefit you in the long-run.

Manual cars have a list of dos and don’ts just like any vehicle. Let’s take a look at 5 things you should NEVER do when you are behind the wheel of a manual car.

1. Leave your car in gear when at a red light

When you are waiting at a red light, you may have your foot pressing the clutch, first gear engaged, and other foot on the brake. This is just the recipe for problems.

Not only will your muscles get tired by holding the clutch, your clutch will also be exhausted by the unnecessary strain. Always put your car in neutral gear when at a stop.

2. Keep your hand at the gear stick

If you rest your hand on the gear stick while driving, you may unknowingly and unintentionally apply pressure on it. This will cause the selector fork and other components to feel the excess pressure too. If this habit continues, your car’s gearbox will become noisy, and its lifespan will be cut short.

3. Use the clutch to hold your car while driving up a hill

If you do this, you basically burn the friction material on the clutch disc. This is because the clutch and engine’s pressure plate will be moving at different speeds. If the clutch escapes your grip, you may end up rolling backwards down the hill.

Use the hand brake to keep your car in a steady position when in climb position.

4. Rest your foot on the clutch

If you are one of those people who prefer to rest their foot on the clutch while driving, you may be causing significant damage to your car’s clutch.

This can result in your car’s clutch release bearing to be in contact with the clutch cover unnecessarily. This will result in creation of unneeded friction. All of this will eventually lead to failure of the clutch.

5. Release the clutch too soon

If you release the clutch too early, your car will jerk while putting extra pressure on the engine. This can also heat the clutch. Practice and learn to handle the car without jerking.

Keep these pointers in mind and increase the life of your car.

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