5 Tips For Driving a Manual Car

Are you a new driver or someone who is about to start their driving journey? Do you face difficulties while driving a manual car? We are here to help you out in improving your driving skills and to prepare you for a safe and steady rid. As a beginner, you must learn some tips to start and accelerate your car. Safety should be your utmost priority.

Tips For Driving a Manual Car

You must follow the following tips to help you start your driving journey in less time than usual. So, let us get into it and help you in becoming an expert in driving in as minimum time as possible.

  1. Changing Gears

When you will start driving a manual car, you will have to press the clutch every time you change the gear. The paddle at the left end is called clutch and is present in all manual cars but not available in cars having automatic transmission. You should always press it before changing any gear be it first, second, third, fourth, fifth or reverse. If you do not press it, your gearbox will be damaged and you have to spend a great amount of money to fix it.

  1. Always Start on First Gear

Whenever you plug in the key and give your car a start, always use the first gear. This will protect your engine and will help you in starting your car smoothly. Your focus should be on the safety and efficiency of your car. The car will not move forward on the 3rd and 4th gear while the car can move forward on the 2nd gear but this will exert pressure on the engine and gearbox and there is a risk of damage to the gearbox and the engine. So, always be alert and check the gear before starting.

  1. Relation Among Speed, Brake Paddle & Clutch

You must know the exact moment to press the accelerator so your car’s engine does not shut down. When you have put your gear on first after pressing the clutch, you need to slowly remove your foot from the clutch. This process is slow and gentle and during this process, a time comes which we call friction zone and that’s the time to press the accelerator.

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In the beginning, you will have difficulty in identifying the friction zone but with patience and practice, you will learn it. All you need is practice. Keep driving and you will improve with time.

  1. Time to Press the Accelerator

An important point which most of the experienced drivers forget to mention is that when you should press clutch with brakes. In case of emergency, you should directly press the brakes and this will save you from accidents. This is mostly done when you are driving at a high speed somehow 60-70 km/h. If you are driving at a low speed of 15-20km/h, then you must press the clutch and then the brakes.

  1. Use of Left Foot for Brakes

This technique is mostly used by auto-racers to save time. If you use the left foot for brakes, it will save the time to move your right foot from the accelerator to the brake and this tip will prevent you from accidents. This is not an easy technique. This will require a lot of practice and once you have mastered it, you will be able to see the results.

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All these techniques are going to help you start the journey of driving a manual car. I am sure that you will thank us later.

Do let us know in the comment section how these tips help you in your first drive.


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