5 Tips For Maintaining Your Motorcycle Tyres

It’s a privilege to own a motorcycle. It’s fun and thrilling. However, every vehicle comes with its own maintenance needs and the owner should be well-equipped with the particular knowledge that is required to cater to your motorcycle. Tyres are an essential part of your two-wheeler. They take the burden and separate the bike from the road. They have their own needs that you should take care of. Below are 5 tips to follow if you want to extend the life of your motorcycle tyres.

1. Clean your tyres regularly

This is simple yet very important. The tyres are exposed to dirt and mud. Clean them thoroughly to refresh them. Use appropriate brushes to wipe out mud and don’t wash the tyres with excessive pressure as that can damage the bearings. Clean the rims too as that will make you aware of any rusted spots that might need lubrication.

2. Examine your motorcycle tyres

Before every ride, inspect your motorcycle tyres. Make sure to look out for any punctures or damaged spots that can further be deteriorated if the bike is driven.

3. Check the tyre pressure

Both tyres should be properly inflated. Under-inflated tyres cause the rubber to release extra heat that can result in the tyre blowing out. That could get pretty dangerous. Owning a gauge can really help in keeping a track of the tyre pressure. Electronic tyre gauges are even more easy-to-use and handy.

4. Monitor the tyres’ tread

Worn out tread is the most visible indication of the poor condition of your tyres. Make sure the tread is never worn below the wear bars. You should immediately replace your tyres if the rubber is looking smooth. Particular gauges can help you measure and observe the tread bar and related measurements precisely.

5. Break in new tyres

The first couple of hundred miles on the new tyres should be ridden with utmost caution. New tyres need this time to break in and adjust. That is necessary for safe riding in the miles to come.

That’s it. A few simple tips and you will have healthy motorcycle tyres for quite some time.

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