5 Tips To Become A Better Driver

Do you want to polish your driving skills and become a better driver than you already are? Your goal is admirable. You can improve your driving skills by following a few simple tips.

Let’s take a look at what those are.

1. Look ahead

You might be thinking, “what kind of tip is this? Obviously, everyone looks ahead.” The thing is looking at the vehicle right in front of you isn’t enough. You should see at least 10 meters ahead or at least a distance of 12 seconds.

This is sufficient time for you to observe the vehicles further ahead and anticipate for any potential dangers.

2. Keep a considerable gap

Do not tailgate. Tailgate means following the front vehicle too closely. It reduces your reaction time. You will also have to use your brake and accelerator more frequently and that’s not very economical.

Keep a significant distance, so you can see what might be happening in front of the vehicle that is ahead of you.

3. Use appropriate speed

Don’t go too fast. Speeding doesn’t mean that you are breaking the speed limit. It can mean that you are going too fast in the current conditions.

This increases the danger of bumping into another car that might suddenly stop. Also, you use a huge amount of extra fuel. So, avoid that.

4. Avoid zigzagging

Don’t weave between the lanes. You might be the one slowing down the traffic by unexpectedly and unnecessarily changing lanes.

Save yourself and others the hassle of slowed down traffic. Stay in your lane or overtake properly.

5. Adjust your mirrors

You should know how to appropriately set your car mirrors. You don’t need the view of the entire highway but of the specific lanes and of your own car when you tilt your head. Monitor the position of the mirrors to make sure they are well adjusted.

Follow the above-mentioned tips and become a better driver in no time.

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