5 Top Classic Cars Of All Time

Car enthusiasts who have a fortune to spend for their passion, look forward to collecting classic cars as they believe ‘Old is Gold’. They have a keen interest for old cars that are rarely seen now, and they would do anything to add them to their collection. We have listed 5 top classical cars that have been people’s favourites throughout.

1. Jaguar E-Type

After the D-Type, British manufacturer Jaguar once again made it evident to the world what they were capable of by launching Jaguar E-Type. It was quicker than a Ferrari and fairly cheaper. The Italian motor racing driver and entrepreneur, Enzo Ferrari, who was also the founder of Scuderia Ferrari Grand Prix motor racing team, classified this car of the sixties as “The most beautiful car ever made”.

The E-type stayed in production for over a decade and didn’t lose it original exterior look that was a treat for the eyes. Its inside was revised to employ state-of-the-art technology throughout the years of its production.

2. Porsche 911

Ferdinand’s Icon, Porsche 911 was the successor of the famous 365. The first version was unveiled with a 2.0 engine. It came with 130 bhp and was air cooled as well as rear mounted. It was very powerful for its own times. The production was ceased in 1989 but till date, 911 remains a famous legendary entry to the list of Porsche cars. Hagerty from the Hagerty Insurance Agency says, “There’s magic in the early 911. It’s an amazingly well-built machine that delivers one of the most honest driving experiences of any sports car ever built.”

3. Land Rover

Land Rover is the classical 4 × 4 idealized by many manufacturers around the globe. It is defined by two main qualities i.e. capability and composure. It can be used to go anywhere because of its practical design and working. Maurice Wilks created 80″ series 1 back in 1948 and it remains at the top of the charts. It’s an engineering marvel and still outruns its modern-day counterparts.

4. Volkswagen Beetle

Also known as Volkswagen Type 1, this beauty has always been an eye-catcher. It is a compact four-seater that basically anyone in Germany could get their hands on ever since it was launched. Volkswagen Beetle has been on the surface for over 8 decades and still, its following keeps increasing. It has an air cooled engine and basic mechanism that any pro can handle.

5. Citroen DS

DS was Citroen’s successor to the Traction Avant. It was an out-of-the-world production considering the era it was launched it. It had sci-fi styling and minimal elegant interior. The rear brake lights were set in the eye line of following motorists and the slim pillars aided all-round visibility for the driver. The comfort was enhanced by hydraulic independent suspension. No wonder, within 15 minutes of its unveiling, there were 743 orders and by the end of that day, 12,000 orders were taken.

These are some cars that define cool. The list is never ending as there were so many productions that were jaw-dropping. People till date are in love with these classical cars, some of them still stand unrivalled in terms of engineering or design.

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