5 Warning Signs That Your Car Engine Needs A Check-Up

What’s worse than being stranded on a roadside after your car engine ditches you? It’s a situation where you wish you had gotten your car engine checked periodically. To avoid any regretful events, you should look out for warning signs that tell you that the engine isn’t in the condition it should be.

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Below are 5 of the most common alert signs you might observe in case of a deteriorating engine. Let’s take a look at these.

1. Check engine light comes on

As the name of this light suggests, it is to warn you of a problem. The severity of the issue may vary but the light gives a troubling sign. You should immediately give your car a thorough look.

If it is a minor problem like a loose gas cap, you can fix it. Otherwise, take your car to the mechanic and let him figure out what’s wrong. He will then correct the error.

2. Trouble in starting the car

If you have a hard time starting your car, and it is so in a routine, you should get your car checked by a professional. Maybe your car battery is failing, or the timing belt could be broken. Other problems may include an issue with the fuel system or a problem with the ignition system.

3. Car is stalling

Stalling screams “engine trouble”. Your vehicle might stall when you are trying to accelerate and as a result, you might be stuck in the middle of the road with cars honking at you from all sides. A lag shown by your car can be an indication of a failing fuel pump, worn spark plugs, or a clogged fuel filter.

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4. Rough acceleration

Did you notice roughness in your car idling or acceleration? If yes, then there might be a problem with the spark plug wires or even the spark plugs. The roughness may be telling you something about a vacuum leak or a dirty fuel injector.

5. Reduced fuel efficiency

If your visits to the gas station have become more frequent, there might be a problem with your engine. It can be a troubling fuel injecting system or faulty spark plugs. Such an issue may be caused by a failing oxygen sensor.

If you keenly pay attention to any such warning signs, and take timely action, you can save yourself and your car from a lot of trouble.

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