5 Warning Signs That Your Car Has A Low Engine Oil Level

If you want to treat a problem, you should first know what the cause is. There are quite a few signs that will let you know whenever the engine oil of your car is lower than it should be.

Let’s take a look at few warning indications that you shouldn’t ignore at any cost.

1. Oil warning light

This light will tell you that there isn’t enough oil in your car engine. The sensor that is installed in your car detects the low oil pressure, resulting in the oil warning light going off. You should take quick action and top-up the oil before the situation is worsened.

2. Knocking noises

Lack of oil in your engine components results in increased friction. The decreased lubrication causes the engine rods to loosen. The rods keep the pistons secured. Loose rods get to move around the engine causing knocking sounds.

3. Burning smell

The metal components in the engine make contact with each other frequently. Oil provides lubrication that keeps the heat down by cooling the parts. Low levels of oil won’t cool the components, which will then release this burning smell upon contact.

4. Less efficient performance

Low oil levels won’t allow your car to deliver the fuel efficiency it is designed for. Engine has a hard time working when there isn’t enough oil for lubrication. Fuel efficiency will thus deteriorate due to the less efficient performance of the car engine.

5. Overheating engine

The burning smell that was mentioned above, will further continue and the engine will get overheated significantly. Pull over as soon as you notice that your car engine is heating up unusually or you see smoke coming out of it. Check the oil levels and get it fixed before you drive it again.

Just a little attention to these signs can go a long way in preventing any damage to your car, and even yourself.

Be alert!

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