5 Warning Signs That Your Car Is About To Break Down

Cars are our everyday companions. We get in our four-wheeler, turn a key, press the accelerator, and the car goes ‘zoom’. However, this may not be the case if our car stops working. To prevent any such unfortunate event, you should look out for warning signs to take timely measure against any problem in your vehicle.

Below are five warning signs that indicate that your car might break down soon.

1. There are a lot of miles on your car’s meter

As the miles on your car’s meter increase, the wear and tear on your car’s components also increases. You should read the owner’s manual to learn when to change your car’s oil, rotate the tyres, etc.

2. The tyre tread is low

You can think of tyres just like sneakers. Once they lose grip, you are likely to slip. You should change your tyres if the tyre tread is too low. Otherwise, your car will be exposed to possible damage or accidents.

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3. The oil is running low

You should keep a track of your car’s oil. It should never be lower than the limit. Also, checking it will help you identify any leaks.

4. The brakes are worn out

All of the components of brakes need to work together including hydraulic cylinders, rotors, pads, etc. If the brakes are squeaking, it means the rotors have an issue. If you smell a burn, it might be the pads. Get these problems fixed to avoid failed brakes and other disasters.

5. The check engine light is on

This could be a sign that you didn’t screw the gas cap properly or it can be an indication that your car needs help immediately. You shouldn’t delay taking your car to a mechanic and get the trouble taken care of.

Treat your car well and look after it. It serves you all along, so you owe this to it. Also, keeping your car in a good condition will add to your safety on road.

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