6 Car Washing Tips You Will Wish You Knew Before

We all like a clean car. The freshly washed car’s exterior shines under sunlight while you drive your car around the town, running errands or going to work. However, to get that clean shiny car body, you need to wash it regularly and properly.

Below are a few tips that will make your car washing sessions easier and more effective.

1. Wash car in a shade

Don’t wash in direct sun. The sunlight will cause the water to dry up even before you finish washing and that will leave marks on your car’s body. It is, hence, better to park your car under a shade to prevent any difficulties.

2. Use a car washing solution

It is suggested to use a good quality car washing liquid, so you don’t have to rely on normal dish washing liquid. Such a cleaning agent will protect the pain and wax on the exterior of your car. It possesses additives that lubricate the entire car body and provide a smooth finish.

3. Use 3 buckets

Be generous while using buckets if you want to wash your car properly. It is advisable to use 3 buckets. One for the entire upper body of your car, one for the wheels, and the third one to rinse.

This is because the wheels are often the dirtiest. You wouldn’t want to soak the cleaning cloth in the water that has already been used and is pretty dirty. After the entire car has been cleaned once, use the water in the last bucket to rinse a cloth and clean the car one last time.

4. Work your way in straight strokes

This is very important. You should always clean your car in straight strokes and never in circles. Doing the latter leaves swirl marks that don’t look too good.

5. Try to dry the car with a leaf blower

This is an easy-to-use appliance that quickly dries your car and hence, reduces the chances of water marks being left behind. However, it is okay if you don’t have a leaf blower. You can use a soft towel to dry your car instead. Remember to be gentle while doing so, as you don’t want your car’s paint to be damaged or scratched.

6. Use a protectant as the final coat

You can either use wax or a polymer-based protectant. This final coat is important as it protects your car’s paint from road dirt and water.

That’s a wrap. These hands-on tips are some of the most common tips that have been tried and tested. These always bear amazing results. Try them out yourself!

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