6 Tips To Keep Your Car’s Windshield Clean

A car’s windscreen is one of the most important parts of the car. It shields the interior and the people inside the car. However, the driver basically sees through it. So, it is very important to keep it utterly clean.

Let’s take a look at few tips that will help you keep the windshield clean.

1. Use high-quality windshield wipers

Though wipers are what keep the windshield clean, some people tend to ignore their importance and hence, often settle with low-quality windshield wipers. High-quality wipers’ blades will last longer. They won’t leave bad streaks on the windshield.

2. Clean the windshield wipers

The blades of the windshield wipers need to be cleaned regularly. You can use soap and water, or rubbing alcohol to clean them properly. Make sure to wipe the dirt and debris from the blades. Otherwise, it will just make the windshield dirty.

3. Check the windshield fluid

Make sure that you top up the windshield fluid. Also, the fluid hose should be functional. Choose an affordable windshield fluid that works well in all seasons. The fluid will safeguard the windshield from weathers like rain and sun.

4. Clean the inside of the windshield

Take out time to clean the interior of the windshield thoroughly. It can accumulate dirt or condensation. Either way, you will have a hard time looking through a dirty windshield. Keep it clean for better visibility.

5. Choose ammonia-free glass cleaners

Ammonia is known to harm tinted windows. Specially when cleaning the inside of the windshield, avoid ammonia glass cleaners at all costs.

6. Buy a microfiber towel

This towel makes it so much easier to clean the car windows. Microfiber is a soft cloth that gently cleans surfaces. Don’t use rough rags to clean the windshield as those will probably leave scratches.

Just keep these tips in mind and never drive with a dirty windshield. It can be a hazard for you, your car, and those driving around you.

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