6 Warning Signs That Your Car Brakes Are Having Trouble

Do you ignore regular brake servicing? That’s a habit we should never develop. Just like other components, brakes need to be regularly serviced and some parts even need to be replaced at times. If that doesn’t happen, your brakes may fail you.

Let’s take a look at 6 warning signs that indicate that your car brakes are facing issues.

1. Brake light on

When the light is on, it is telling you that you should carry out an inspection of the brake system. Release the parking brake to make sure that the light isn’t on because of it but because of a legitimate issue.

2. Squealing sounds

If a high-pitched sound starts coming but disappears when you apply the brakes, this probably means that the brakes pads have worn out. They make this sound when they start coming in contact with the rotor.

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3. Vibration when braking

Shaking or wobbling when you apply the brakes may be an indication of an uneven rotor. The rotors should be smooth and evenly thick.

4. Soft brake pedal

This is a trouble sign as well. The fluid from the master cylinder, or the brake system in general, maybe leaking.

5. Car pulling to one side upon braking

This could be a result of a faulty brake hose or an issue with the calliper. The calliper maybe exerting excessive pressure during braking. That can cause unbalanced stopping.

6. Burning smell while driving

Overheated brakes can be sensed by smelling sharp odour after hard braking. Pull over and let the brakes cool. Otherwise, they may overheat to an extent that they fail.

If the smoke is coming from a wheel, the brake calliper may be stuck. Avoid driving in such a condition.

That’s about it. Please pay heed to any of these signs. You can possibly save your money and even your life by getting a problem fixed in due time.

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