7 Tips For Driving In Hilly Areas Of Pakistan

Have you ever gone to hilly areas of Pakistan? Are you planning a trip with your family or friends? Do you want to enjoy the breathtaking views in the hilly northern regions of Pakistan? If yes then, we are here to help you plan a memorable trip and make it more special and safer. If you are going towards the northern side for the first time and have no prior experience, this article is for you because we will discuss some tips and tricks that you might know before starting your journey, and these tips should be part of your planning. So, without further delay, let get into it.

1. Braking System and Brake Pads

The most important thing you need to check and renew are brake pads or shoes, which will be used many times while going uphill or downhill. If you forgot this important step, then you will face many severe problems because, as compared to straight roads, brakes are used more in hilly areas. The brake leather will be heated extremely due to serial fiction and ultimately stop working, and then you will lose control of your car, and you can have an accident and may fall into a 1000 ft deep valley with no life resources. I would recommend taking an extra set of brake pads if you are going to an extremely remote area.

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2. Understand your Gear System

This tip is for both manual and automatic vehicle drivers. You should read your manual settings and check all the gears before your journey. This will help you in gear management, and you will be able to drive more comfortably. Mostly the 1st and 2nd gears are utilized. Trying new gears on a bumpy road is not a good idea, however.

3. Oil and Lubricant Replacement

As we know, compared to straight roads, the engine will tackle more pressure and apply more power on hilly roads, so an oil and lubricant replacement therapy will give your car more force and less friction. This will boost your engine efficiency, and your engine will work smoothly. It will also help you control your vehicle during downhill and brake systems. Therefore, never turn your engine off while moving downhill.

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4. No Over Speeding

When you are on a hilly road, there is no fence on the sides and no traffic control. There are many dangerous cuts, steep slopes, and S-turns. If your speed exceeds, you will be unable to control your car in any mishap. Life is more important than fun, and remember, vehicles have no brain; so, use your own. Therefore, think logically and have a safe journey.

5. More stops, Less Distraction

While planning your trip, you must have fewer stopping spots, but during the drive, you will see many eye-catching views and scenery, so, instead of getting distracted during driving, it is better to stop the car, take a break and enjoy the views. This will allow you to have some rest and will refresh you for the journey ahead.

6. Surprises by Hilly Areas

Did you know hilly areas give surprises to their guests and welcome them warm-heartedly. However, the surprise is so dangerous that it can take your life though the adrenaline level is worth it. Hilly roads are narrow and one-way. You will see various vehicles from motorcycles to loaded tracks, and you will be unaware of what is coming next. Land sliding and deep cuts will surprise you, and many animals like cows, sheep, and goats are gazing, which can suddenly come in front of your car, so be attentive and focus on the road and look as far as you can to be aware of what is in front of you.

7. Blind curves and overtakes

Overtakes are never a good decision in hilly or mountainous areas as there are many blind curves on the road. By blind curve, we mean such a turn where you are unable to see the other side. So, if you overtake a car and smash into a track, then what are you going to do? Therefore, always be careful when turning on a blind curve and horn to signal that you are coming from the other side, so the driver on the opposite side becomes aware.

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Be sure to follow these tips and have a safe journey.

Let us know in the comment section how these tips helped you with safe driving in the hilly areas of Pakistan.

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  1. Iqbal says

    Very valuable tips and suggestions.
    Well explained the technique how to maintain an auto engine and its operations.

  2. W Yousafzai says

    Amazing! Great tips for all to follow and keep top of mind.

  3. W Yousafzai says

    Amazing! Great tips for all to follow and keep top of mind.! Thanks for writing this.

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