7 Tips To Clean Your Motorcycle Chain

Motorcycle chains are one of the most important yet vulnerable components. They are exposed to dirt and debris. It’s your responsibility to keep them clean. Let’s take a look at a few of the most helpful tips for cleaning your motorcycle chain.

1. Inspect the chain

Firstly, take a look at the chain. If the teeth of the sprocket is visibly sharp and curved, replace it. If there is noticeable wear and tear on the chain, it might be time to replace it too.

2. Use your bike stand

Park your bike on the rear or centre stand before you start cleaning the chain. Make sure the weather is nice and warm. It is suggested to clean the chain after a ride as there might be fresh grime that can be washed easily.

3. Spray cleaner on the chain

Carefully apply a high-quality chain cleaner to the chain. Make sure you do this generously. Rotate the wheel to get the cleaner on every side of the chain. Remember to put a piece of cardboard under the chain to protect your tyres from the cleaner.

4. Scrub the chain

You can use a chain-cleaning brush or a toothbrush to scrub the chain and the sprockets. Make sure to pay attention to the gaps and clean everything thoroughly.

5. Wipe the chain

Soak a clean towel or rag in water to wipe the chain and sprockets. A plastic putty knife can be used to remove grime that refuses to come off from normal scrubbing.

6. Rinse the chain

Use a hose to shower water on the chain. You can use a bucket if you don’t have access to a hose. Don’t put too much water pressure on the chain.

7. Lube the chain

Dry the chain with a clean towel or rag and take the motorcycle for a short ride of just about 5 minutes. This will warm the chain and get it ready for lubrication. Use any good quality lube and apply it on the lower rung. Clean the excess lube and your motorcycle chain is cleaned.

Enjoy a freshly cleaned and lubricated chain.

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