7 Tips To Extend Your Car’s Battery Life In The Summer

Summer season can be a pleasant season for a lot of reasons. Road trips, vacations, and fun. However, the high temperatures take their toll on humans and even vehicles. Your car’s battery may suffer. Heat accelerates the chemical activity that can result in the battery fluid evaporating.

Below are some tips that can add to your car’s battery life during summers.

1. Clean the battery

Kudos to you if you clean your car regularly. But do you take care of the battery too? Dust and corrosion can discharge the battery. There are DIY methods of cleaning a car’s battery. You can use baking soda and water on a toothbrush to take the dust off the battery. Then, use a clean cloth to wipe the mixture off.

2. Fasten the battery securely

The battery will keep moving and vibrating if it is not properly fitted. A short circuit or any malfunction can occur if the battery’s internal components are damaged due to constant movement. Fasten your battery with an approved battery clamp. When you are tightening the nuts, make sure you continue for half a turn even after you reach the first point of resistance.

3. Minimize short trips

Whenever you start your car, the battery starts working and power is discharged during the drive. The engine keeps recharging the battery. In a short trip, there isn’t enough time for the battery to regain the lost power. You should avoid short trips but if those are inevitable, use a battery charger to recharge the battery after a short trip.

4. Avoid leaving the car unused for long periods

Cars that are left unused for more than a week are more likely to develop battery issues. Batteries discharge quickly in higher temperatures. Lead-acid batteries naturally discharge themselves over time. If you have to leave your car for a considerable period, you can detach your battery and store it safely. Another option is to connect your car’s battery to a trickle charger.

5. Avoid direct exposure of your car to heat

Heat speeds up the evaporation of battery fluids. This can decrease the functionality of the battery in the long run. Try to park your car in a garage or under a shade. You can also use a cover for your car, so your car isn’t exposed to direct heat.

6. Avoid using your car’s power and electronics when the engine is off

If your engine is off but headlights, taillights, interior lights, radio, air conditioning system, etc are left on, your car’s battery will be drained. Also, don’t leave your engine idle for long periods.

7. Get the battery regularly checked

You should have your car’s battery checked regularly to keep a track of its charging. Increase the frequency of these checks in summers. You can buy a car battery tester. It will assist you in having knowledge of the battery’s voltage.

Follow these tips and have a healthy battery in your car. Enjoy a functional car at all times.

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