7 Tips To Maintain Your Car’s Engine Oil

The oil in your car’s engine acts as a lubricant for the internal parts of the engine. Metal components that aren’t properly lubricated can become damaged. Engine oil also prevents corrosion on the internal parts. It also reduces heat-producing friction in the engine. That in return decreases the temperature.

You should follow the tips below to maintain your car’s engine oil.

1. Check your engine’s oil at every fuel fill

Vehicles are fuel efficient. However, you still need to get your oil levels checked between oil changes. If the oil levels go down, it can cause damage.

2. Change the oil frequently

Engine oil should be changed periodically to flush abrasive dirt and metal particles of the engine.

3. Avoid overfilling your crankcase with oil

Make sure you don’t overfill the crankcase with oil. It may rinse into the crankcase. Then, air bubbles can be churned into oil. Your engine components might overheat and experience immense stress. Spark plugs can be fouled if the crankcase is overfilled with oil.

4. Clean the oil pan plug

Before you reinstall the oil pan, clean the plug and washer with rags. Some plugs might attract metal particles as they can be magnetized.

5. Consider using oil coolers

Cooler temperatures that your engine oil operates on can considerably extend the oil’s lifespan. Cooler transmission fluids can result in better transmission.

6. Prefer synthetic oil

Although synthetic oil is more expensive, it is better for your engine. It lasts longer, tolerates high temperatures and have better flow rates even when cold. This will still require scheduled oil changes.

7. Use recommended oil viscosity grades

The oil viscosity grades mentioned in your owner’s manual can guarantee you optimum temperature ranges. Lower viscosity will deliver better engine protection in winters as well as easier starts. It will also reduce internal engine friction that will result in improved gas mileage throughout the year. Heavier grades of oil in winters can damage your car’s engine.

Your car and its engine will thank you for well-maintained engine oil.

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