8 Driving Tips You Should Follow In Fog

Practice makes a man perfect. This saying is true for pretty much everything including driving. However, certain weather conditions put even the most experienced drivers at risk. One of such conditions is fog.

It is very much possible to minimize the risk while driving in fog. Following are the eight tips that will help you drive better and safer in foggy weather.

1. Keep enough distance

When visibility is low, braking time is longer. This means there should be plenty of distance between you and the car in front of you. Remember: better late than never.

2. Use windshield wipers and defrosters

You cannot afford moisture or ice on your windshield. It can create glare which will add to the risk. So, maximize visibility by keeping your windshield clear.

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3. Avoid high beams

Don’t use high beams in fog. Low beams are better. If your current headlights aren’t powerful enough, you can always get them replaced.

4. Don’t follow the lights of the car in front of you

You might be tempted to follow the lights of the car in front of you as a guide. Beware, that creates a narrow patch of landscape which can divert your focus to only that making you miss other important things.

5. Ditch cruise control

You never know what a foggy road might have ahead. So, keep full control of your car.

6. Maintain a safe speed

If a driver gets too close behind your car, don’t panic. Don’t accelerate impulsively. That can be dangerous. Maintain your safe speed, even if other drivers don’t.

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7. Use your mirrors

Don’t forget to check your mirrors before slowing down. Gently apply the brakes. The brake lights will alert the drivers around you that you are braking.

8. Stop far to the side of the road

If you decide to stop and wait for the fog to decrease, make sure to pull over as far to the side of the road as possible. Everyone is tackling reduced visibility during fog, so stay well out of the way of other cars. Also, use your hazard lights to inform those around you. Pulling over in a gas station or other safe stop is better, obviously.

Hopefully, these tips will prove to be helpful. However, the best option is to avoid driving in fog as much as possible.

Stay safe!

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