A Drive Down The Memory Lane Of Ferrari

All of us are well familiar with the bright red luxury car with a yellow logo. Many go crazy for those. They are the Ferrari cars. Let’s learn more about the most-talked-about brand in the automotive world.

Ferrari is one of the top luxury car brands. This Italian company’s founder created a race-car team. Ferrari’s journey from an upstart racing team to a billion dollar brand is a tale of hard work, team efforts and innovations.

Brand Founder

Enzo Ferrari was a self-driven and enthusiastic person. In 1920s, he started racing for Alpha Romeo. He won some races for this particular racing team. Later in 1929, Enzo went on to introduce a racing team of his own, Scuderia Ferrari. It is the official race car division of Ferrari till date.

It was Enzo’s passion for racing and determination to use improved technology to build cars, that enabled him to become a founder of such a legendary car company.

Brand Name

The brand was named after the founder, Enzo Ferrari. It highlights the man behind it from day 1, the man who was the backbone of the company that is now making revenues in billions of dollars.

Brand Logo

Ferrari’s logo is a prancing horse. It symbolizes style, luxury, and speed. It is said that the logo was inspired from an Italian fighter ace Francesco Baracca who was a pilot. He died in 1918, in the times of World War I. He had this prancing horse painted on his plane. The yellow colour in the background of the logo was added by Enzo Ferrari as the colour of his birthplace, Modena.

Early Years

After years of producing race cars, Ferrari managed to unveil a 12 engine car in 1947. It was the 125 S. Its release was delayed due to the effects of World War II that destroyed Ferrari’s factory in Modena. The legacy was continued by setting up a factory in Maranello where state-of-the-art Ferrari cars are manufactured, even today.

Shortly after the introduction of 125 S, the car won the Rome Grand Prix. The hard working founder, his brilliant team of engineers and his skilled race car drivers managed to advance in the car world as the years followed. Not only did they produce second to none cars but also won big races like Mille Miglia (1948), Le Mans 24 Hour Race (1949) and the Formula One World Championship Grand Prix (1951).

Later, 250 GTO was released that still is one of the most iconic sports cars of all time. In 1950s, Luigi Chinetti opened the first Ferrari dealership in USA. Sales in USA went through the roof and the rest is history. The US remains Ferrari’s most profitable market till date.

Fast Forward to 1969, after facing some troubles in running the company on his own, Enzo Ferrari partnered with the Fiat Group for a 50 50 share in business. In 1987, F40 was released just before the demise of Enzo Ferrari. After that, the Fiat group increased its shares in the company. However, recently, Ferrari separated itself from it.

Ferrari Today

Ferrari produces world-class supercars and sells them for hundreds and hundreds of dollars while the hyper cars are sold for millions.

Fun Fact: There is also a Ferrari-themed amusement park in UAE. It is an indoor heaven for Ferrari lovers and has a 2.2 million square foot aluminium roof.

In Formula 1 racing, Ferrari is still toping the charts. It has won 8 world championships after Enzo Ferrari’s death. Some ultra-exclusive Ferrari models include Monza SP1 and SP2. The SF90 Stradale is a masterpiece. It is one of Ferrari’s most powerful production ever. It makes almost 1,000 horsepower from its turbocharged V8 engine and three-motor hybrid drive system. Isn’t that impressive?

Purosangue is the awaited Ferrari SUV. It also has been rumoured that Ferrari could launch an all-electric car. Till then, we continue to be awestruck by the fantastic production by Ferrari of some of the best cars ever.


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