All-Electric Buses In Pakistan

Amid all the setbacks the world is facing in the current time, there are some rays of hope. Pakistan’s Minister of Science and Technology made an announcement about the electric buses.

His tweet said that the this was a step towards the fulfillment of another promise. He also mentioned about the strategic alliance between Daewoo and SkyWell to bring electric buses to Pakistan. He announced that from this year, there will be electric buses in Pakistan and in three years, Pakistan will be completely manufacturing the electric buses.

He attended a ceremony where the alliance between these companies was formed. He said, “Pakistan will be the first country in South Asia to have electric buses.”

The idea of electric buses in Pakistan

In January 2020, Malik Amin Aslam, advisor to the Prime minister on Climate Change had said that the government would launch electric buses to overcome the pollution in Pakistan. According to him, these will be launched in Punjab first.

Electric buses

This development is a fortunate one since our country and various industries have faces huge blows at the hands of COVID-19. To top it off, the dollar rate increased as well. However, it is about doing what we can in such situations.

Innovative steps like that of the electric buses shows that whatever maybe thrown at us, a country struggling to advance will not let go of relevant ideas and opportunities. We hope that this eco-friendly regulation of electric buses takes place soon in Pakistan.

That will sufficiently decrease the air pollution, that will in turn reduce the diseases that linger around due to the smoke from vehicles. Just imagine being on the road without hearing noisy buses and seeing smoke trails coming out of them? Sounds amazing, right? We just have to wait a little more till the electric buses are launched in Pakistan.

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