An Electric Vehicle Below 10 Lac Rupees

Are you looking to buy an electric car in Pakistan that will not make you go bankrupt and would be worth the price? If you are, then this blog could make your dream come true, so keep on reading to know more about the electric car you might be contemplating on purchasing.

The All-New Wuling Hongguang Mini Electric Vehicle

The all-new Wuling Hongguang Mini EV is a 4-seater electric hatchback that has been manufactured in a joint project between the Chinese company SAIC Motors, Wuling Motors, and an American company, General Motors. This mini electric vehicle was introduced in the Chinese market in 2020. Shortly after being introduced in the Chinese market, this car was among the bestselling electric cars in the whole market in a couple of months to the point where its sales had exceeded Tesla. This car is soon to be introduced and made available for purchase in Pakistan.


The following are some of the specifications that you must know before buying it:

1. Motor

This electric car features a single electric motor putting out an impressive 17 horsepower and a whopping 85Nm of Torque. For all you non-petrol heads out there, it simply means this compact electric vehicle packs a lot of power.

2. Batteries

This car comes with a Lithium-ion battery of two variants; a 9.2kWh battery power variant and a 13.8kWh battery power variant. The 9.2kWh variant travels for about 120 Kilometers, while the 13.8kWh variant travels for about 170 Kilometers. Both the batteries can be completely charged in about 6 to 9 hours. Both the variants provide good mileage.

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3. Top Speed

This car has a top speed of about 62 mph, enough to get you to your desired location as fast as possible.

4. Design

It has an exotic design as compared to other vehicles currently available in the market. It has an attractive shape with a subtle design.

5. Alloy Wheels

The steal with this car is its 12-inch alloy wheels. No other vehicle is available with this wheel size in this price range in the market.

6. Seating Capacity

This car has two front doors but wait until you hear this; it has a seating capacity for four people. The rear seats give a decent amount of space for two people to fit easily. The rear seats can also be folded for luggage space to be made available whenever needed.

7. Digital Speedometer

This car comes with a digital speedometer display with basic features such as AC and sound control.

An Electric car below Rs 10 lakh

Other Key Features

It also has a ton of other modern features such as manual seat adjustment, power windows, parking sensors, an anti-lock braking system, and a tire pressure monitoring system is also packed-in, definitely competing with other electric cars on the market.

Price Range

This car is available in China with a price margin ranging from $4000 to $5500, which converted into Pakistani Rupees ranging from an affordable 6 to 8.5 Lac Rupees, making it the first modern electric car available under 10 Lacs in the Pakistani car market. The price range is more targeted towards middle-class families and for it to be just a personal everyday use car.

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This car is a steal of a deal and is an excellent choice of purchase for working women or for use in shopping sprees or to the supermarket to get groceries. The shape of the car is compact hence is easy to park or to manoeuvre it into tight spots. It comes with many security features to keep the car safe when parked anywhere. This car is loaded with a substantial amount of power especially taking into consideration the affordable price range.

Overall, it is worth every penny and should be on the top of your list. Once introduced in Pakistan, you should check out this car. Who knows, it could be, just the car you were searching for.

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