Ban On Unlicensed CNG Cylinders In Cars By Sindh High Court

In a recent development, the Sindh High Court (SHC) has imposed a ban on the use of unverified Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) cylinders in passenger cars in Sindh. The SHC has directed Inspector General (IG) Sindh to take serious action against anyone who doesn’t follow this new rule.

During the session that involved the lawyer for the CNG Association and the SHC, the SHC made it utterly clear that there will be no tolerance or relaxation for anyone who is negligent in following this rule.

The SHC has instructed relevant authorities to take action against anyone who is found using cylinders that have not been licensed by the Hydrocarbon Development Institute of Pakistan (HDIP). All cylinder installation workshops across Sindh are obligated to get the license.

About last month, SHC asked for a written explanation from the Sindh government about the continued use of CNG cylinders in vehicles. It has been reported that SHC was ‘furious’ at the government for repeated accidents related to the CNG cylinders. The officials from the relevant authorities were called in court, where they were scolded for not laying out and properly ensuring safety standards. SHC also mentioned the lack of use of CNG kits.

SHC questioned the authorities about the enforcement of the law which requires CNG kit installers to fulfill all the legal formalities including the availability of a ‘fitness certificate’, in the absence of which, a ban is to be imposed on the responsible CNG kit installer, to which, the authorities reportedly didn’t have an affirmative response.

SHC questioned the representatives about the enforcement of law which clearly requires CNG kit installers to fulfill all the legal formalities. Those include the availability of a ‘fitness’ certificate. In the absence of the said certificate, a ban is to be imposed on the responsible CNG kit installer. The authorities are reported to not have an affirmative response.

The government then assured the SHC that measures will be taken to control the use of unverified CNG cylinders, especially in public transport and school vans. The government officials also promised implementation of laws.

We should all play our part as responsible individuals in making sure we don’t use unverified CNG cylinders.

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