BMW To Introduce Radar-Guided Cruise Control

The Active Cruise Control (Radar-Guided Cruise Control) has been developed with Bosch. We are living in a world of technology. Every day, there is a new innovation or an advancement in one field or another. Similarly, BMW decided not to stay back. This multi-national German brand is joining the list of manufacturers who are set to release a “Radar-Guided Cruise Control” system for motorcycles.

Radar-Guided Cruise Control

It will allow the rider of the motorcycle to set a cruising speed and distance from the vehicle ahead. The latter is measured by a radar sensor that is employed at the front of the bike.

The radar unit makes use of this information, along with the yaw rate and vehicle’s current speed to figure the path that the motorcycle will take in the next 100m. A required adjustment is delivered via the bike’s CAN bus to the ABS. It can add the revolutions that the engine takes per minute and can also apply brakes when needed.

The distance from the vehicle ahead and maximum motorcycle speed can be set in just three simple steps and will be displayed at the dash. All it requires is the touch of a button. The Active Cruise Control (ACC) offers two riding modes; comfortable or dynamic. The acceleration and deacceleration depend on which mode is the bike being rode on.

To manage the bike’s speed during a turn, ACC features a curve speed control. It will provide a comfortable lean angle. The rider’s unsettlement is prevented by the intervention of the system if they lean further. Unnecessary and unexpected acceleration is also prevented by this feature as the motorcycle might lose sight of the vehicle ahead when passing a turn.

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The rider has to use their own braking when approaching stationary traffic as Radar-Guided Cruise Controldoesn’t sense a stationary vehicle. If for some reason, the system isn’t working, there will be an indication on the dash that will inform the biker that they are in full control of the motorcycle. Since the braking abilities of this system are limited for safety reasons, there will be another warning in case of an emergency when immediate braking is required.

BMW believes that ACC will also make the rider abide by the rules, ride in their own lane, and overtake clearly. This will result in the biker being calm and confident. The manufacturer still has to announce the launch date of this system.

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