Car With A Star: The History Of Mercedes-Benz

The famous German brand Mercedes-Benz has been in the automotive industry for a long time. It is still one of the leading auto manufacturers with wealth of experience in building cars that are second to none.


The story of Mercedes-Benz is a long interesting one. There were two brilliant minds behind the creation of this renowned company. Gottlieb Daimler was born in 1834 while Karl Benz came into this world in 1844. The former was an industrial designer as well as one of the pioneers of internal-combustion engines as well some of the first automobiles. Karl Benz was a German engine designer and automobile engineer who developed the Benz Patent Motorcar in 1885 who is considered as world’s first practical automobile. Benz’s company Benz & Cie rapidly grew.

In the end of the 1800s and start of the 1900s, Daimler and Benz both were on the leading line of the auto industry. Both saw exponential increase in orders and developed innovative designs that were demanded highly by people around the globe. In 1908, both manufacturers shared the podium in the French Grand Prix. That is an evidence of the use of their cutting-edge technology and staying up-to-date with advancements in the automobile development.

World War I and the after affects

During the unfortunate times of war, both these auto manufacturers turned their production plants to cater the needs of the military. The period that followed then, was an unenviable one as the market was leaning and the situation for these company owners was unfavourable. That is when these rivals decided to partner up. That’s how this impeccable brand came into being in 1926.

Brand name

Gottlieb Daimler started an auto company. An entrepreneur Emil Jellinek partnered with Daimler Motors Corporation and he helped in the creation of Mercedes 35hp in 1900. His daughter’s name was Mercedes Jellinek and he named the first few cars on her name. That’s how Mercedes became a trademark. Later when Karl joined hands with Mercedes, the brand was renamed to Mercedes-Benz.

Brand logo

Initially, the logo for Mercedes was decided to be a three pointed star. The three points of the star symbolized transportation by road, water and air. Whereas, Karl had kept a laurel wreath as his company’s logo so upon the merger of both the businesses, the logos were combined to resulting in the Mercedes-Benz logo we now have.


Ever since then, this unrivalled German brand has been topping the charts in launching advanced, modern and luxury cars. Not only are there designs appealing but their technology is mind blowing too. In 1936, they launched the world’s first diesel driven car, the 260 D. During the 50s, they unveiled the 190 and 300 SL. Not only did Mercedes-Benz create out-of-the-world cars but also took care of the environment. They introduced the catalytic converter in 1985 to reduce pollution.

In the early 1990s, they adopted four-valve intake/exhaust systems and carburettors were replaced by fuel injection systems. In the following years, they ventured into the world of superchargers and released C 230 Kompressor. This technology-driven brand has also introduced DiesOtto engine that is a way of advantaging from both, petrol and diesel engines.

Till date, the brand continues to reach new heights surpassing its rivals and introducing new ideas. They still get the podiums in F1 races very often. We are excited to see what Mercedes-Benz has to offer in the future.

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