Cost Of An Alto-Like EV In Pakistan

Our current mode of transportation contributes significantly to pollution. Due to the rising concerns regarding climate change, global efforts can be seen. The government of Pakistan has formulated an Electric Vehicle (EV) policy to expedite the introduction of electric power in the transport sector, so we can upgrade from the conventional fuel power system.

As part of the new policy, a number of incentives on duties and taxes have been offered to the automakers so they can set up assembly plants in Pakistan and manufacture EV vehicles here.

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As reported, the aim of the new policy is to have at least 30 percent of all the vehicles in Pakistan run by electric power by 2030.

However, this said policy isn’t just for the benefit of the automakers. According to a report by SAMAA news, the purchase of an EV City car that is similar to the Suzuki Alto that will cost Rs. 1.2 million will be possible under the duties and tax rule that has been made to complement the EV policy.

This statement was made by Shaukat Qureshi, the CEO of EV Technologies Consultant, a representative of the SZS Group, that is the company that is assembling electric buses in Pakistan as the joint venture with POF Wah. He added that the use of electric cars will reduce the carbon emissions which will result in a positive climate change and will also lower the import of dollar bills.

He added that the switching of cars to electric power will reduce carbon emissions to result in a positive climate change and to lower the import of dollar bills.

According to Mr. Shaukat Qureshi, a study by his company figured that a motorcyclist will be able to save Rs. 4,000 on fuel if he switches to an EV motorbike. Similarly, a person who uses an electric car will be able to save up to Rs. 25,000 while the EV commercial transportation companies can save somewhere between Rs. 600,000 and Rs. 900,000 every month.

These claims do seem very attractive, but realistically speaking, they appear to be overenthusiastic. Established international markets like the USA, UK, and Europe are struggling to reduce the development costs of EVs. The cheapest EVs, in such regions, with developed charging infrastructure and automotive market cost more than $20,000 or Rs. 3.2 million.

Costs may be reduced but buying a low-priced EV of poor quality is not beneficial. Given the current situation of the global EV industry, an EV cannot be priced at just Rs. 1.2 million.

Let’s see when are EVs introduced in Pakistan and at what costs.

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