Crazy Car Concepts: What’s New In 2021

Ever heard of the word “crazy concept”? Today, Automoteve brings you the top crazy car concepts for the year 2021. The automobile industry has been experiencing a transformational moment for as far as we can remember.

We have been through series of animal vehicle to gasoline-burning vehicles while moving towards the electric vehicles and then on to driverless technologies. With two different ends of technology past and present within the automobile industry, the arrival of concept cars created a bridge. Thereby, giving a depiction of the future and emphasizing the automotive trends that is about to happen.

List of Crazy Car Concepts

Without further delay, let’s get to know what these top crazy car concepts of 2021 are:

1. DS XE-Tense

A car that’s as ‘light as a feather’ and as ‘silent as a breeze’, forged by its creators’ vision, for people who are passionate about cars.

DS XE-Tense is unique in every way imaginable. It has a three seat configuration. The driver’s seat is open while the passenger seats are covered. This crazy car is powered by two different engines. One engine will be used for daily commutes at normal speed while the other is specifically used on racing tracks for racing purposes. This crazy car concept is able to pack enough power to generate 1360hp and it is also fully equipped with fully autonomous mood.

DS XE-Tense

2. Terrafugia TF-X

The flying car concept is one of the crazy car concepts that we all have been waiting for. Now, that long awaited car is here in form of TF-X. It is a hybrid flying car having four passengers with a speed of 200mph. The car has retractable wings that allows it to fit into a traditional car garage and it is capable of vertical takeoff and landing.

The car wings are designed in a way that you will not need a runway and in the event of flight failed vehicle, this car comes with a fully equipped parachute. Utilizing both the electric motors and the 300bhp petrol engine to create a megawatt of output, the TF-X uses the little engines to take flight like a helicopter before switching to a large rear mounted propeller to achieve a cruising speed of around 200mph.


3. Audi PB I8 E-Tron

The PB 18 is referred to as Pebble Beach, and the Audi’s electronic cars are commonly termed E-Tron.

Part of the reason this car is in the crazy  car concepts is because of PB 18’s power efficiency and its design being how light it is. PB 18 has 95kWh liquid-cooled battery packs on board, total car weight in at 1,550kg / 3,417lb, because of a mix of carbon fiber, aluminum, and composites. Weight reduction like this benefits in both the practicality and the performance of the car. Audi claims that 0 to 100kmh speed of PB 18 is reached in just two seconds. This car also changes between side driving seat to a central driving configuration.


4. Rolls Royce 103 EX: Vision 100

Measuring 20 feet in length (5.9m) and being almost five feet tall, the Vision 100 makes its occupants feel like dwarfs  and is included in one of the crazy car concepts. Sits proudly at the front of the car is the figure of The Spirit of Ecstasy. The car has also been personalized with an AI called Eleanor. “She’s your ethereal concierge,” says Rolls-Royce.

The Vision 100 is a fully self-governing car, which serves the BMW belief of a future with electronic cars. The car comes with its own luggage compartment was it was introduced as helpfully positioned for servants and helpers to access.

Rolls Royce

5. Audi AI –Trail Quattro

Audi AI-Trail Quattro is a crazy car concept which is a combination of a futuristic design with an autonomous drive. This is all glass design and is meant to inspire the car enthusiastic to explore the nature around them without any distractions from car screens. It is fully electric vehicle. It is packed with enough batteries to remove any worries if you get stuck in any remote location.

Audi AI-Trail Quattro comes with its own 4 fully functional drones and can be used to light up the road way ahead on the road. The drones even follow the passengers  if they  were to get off the car  and  walk around at nighttime.

Audi AI –Trail Quattro

6. Citroen 19_19

The Citroen 19_19 has also made it into the crazy car concepts list. No doubt this is a high-tech vehicle with a spectacular design, inspired by aerospace. It provides to comfort to its passengers at maximum level. It has a smart suspension system giving a sensation of gliding over the road surface and eliminates the impacts of jolts and disruptions along the road.

It offers a driving range of 800 km, level 4 autonomous driving technology and a Personal Assistant that can interact with passengers through voice commands. Its body resembles a transparent capsule.


7. Toyota LQ

Toyota LQ crazy car concepts point is the artificial intelligence on-board agent: Yui. Yui ensures a safe drive and comfort all while providing a personalized experience while on the road. The Augmented Reality Head-Up Display (AR-HUD) expands the information display area for the driver, supporting safe driving.

The Toyota LQ is equipped with automated driving function, and an automatic valet parking system. Toyota LQ has an augmented reality display system, floor and roof panels that can change colors to informing of whether the vehicle being driven autonomously or manually.

toyota lq

8. Mercedes Vision AVTR

This crazy car concept was first showcased in Las Vegas, Nevada in January 2020. This car is based on the blockbuster hit named Avatar. This car showed what the future of Mercedes Benz cars might look like. Instead of a conventional steering wheel, the multifunctional control element in the center console allows human and machine to merge.

ATVR seems to be the car with wheel shaped animal paws. The paw-and-flower-inspired wheels allow the car to perform what is now dubbed as the “crab walk” at 30 degrees, which is likely a blessing for parallel parking and tight parking spaces.


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9. Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

The Mercedes-Benz Vision EQ Silver Arrow. That’s the name Mercedes has given to its latest breathtaking car which surely fits into the list of crazy car concepts. It is a fully functional and drivable electric car that packs up to 750hp and will go from 0 to 60 in less than 2 seconds.

It has a distinct arrow dynamic design and is built with carbon fiber. Its electric motor has range of 248miles when fully charged. The sitting surface and backrest have an unusual pattern which is aligned with the seat contour: Stars have been stitched in with the help of laser engraving.

Mercedes Vision EQ Silver Arrow

These are few of the top crazy car concepts that amazed everyone with their looks, features and uniqueness. Hope you enjoyed these crazy car concepts. Stay connected with us for more of automobile industry information.

Comment below and tell us which one of these crazy car concepts you like the best!!

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