DFSK Glory 580 Pro vs Proton X70 Premium

The Pakistani automobile market has seen a significant shift in buyer preferences. People are eager to buy an SUV rather than a sedan since the introduction of the KIA Sportage and Hyundai Tucson. To settle the debate between Glory 580 Pro and Proton X70 make sure that you read it till the end.


The Glory 580 Pro has a super 1498cc turbocharged engine that produces 148 hp at 2000 RPM and 220 Nm at 4000 RPM.

Whereas the 1.5L turbocharged 3-cylinder gasoline engine powers the X70 Proton. This engine produces 177 horsepower and 255 Newton-meters of torque. The vehicle is available in two variants in the Pakistani automobile market. The first is All-wheel Drive (AWD), and the second is Front-wheel Drive (FWD) (FWD). Meanwhile, the X70’s transmission is a 7-speed automatic DCT.

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The Glory 580 Pro has numerous features including LED headlamps and hammer LED taillights. The front LEDs come with DRLs and cornering lights, as well as sequential turn signals. Fog lamps, embedded spoiler with stop lamps and shark fin antenna are also consistent with the features provided. Besides these, the car includes  chrome handles, while the dual exhaust has chrome housing. Additionally, the side mirrors are electronically adjustable, all this as well as a rear windshield wiper.

Coming to Proton X70, the assertive statement made by the X70’s front grille and bumpers is astounding. The sides of the SUV have chrome lines that give it an elegant appearance. It also has 18-inch wheels. The base model of the Proton X70 has compact fluorescent headlights with DRL, while the upper variant has adaptive LED headlights with auto dip features. The rear end of the car has a spoiler, LED taillights, and dual exhausts, giving it a posh appearance. The rear screen also has a classic wiper.


The interior of the Glory 580 Pro is attractive and sporty, which impresses buyers. It has a conventional dash design with an elegant appearance. The power leather seats are the main interior feature. It also has multi-function steering, a push-start engine button, GPS navigation, and a 9-inch touchscreen multimedia system with Bluetooth and smartphone connectivity. The SUV has a panoramic sunroof, seating for 7 passengers, an electronic parking brake, a power tailgate, and much more.

The car’s cabins are all fairly spacious and have a modern feel to them. There are also air conditioning vents in the back. In the third cabin, there are cup holders for both passengers. When it comes to luggage space in the back, there is plenty of room if all of the seats are upright. If you need to transport large items, the seats in the back can be folded down. It will free up room for your luggage.

When it comes to the interior of the Proton X70, we have elegantly designed leather seats. The vehicle, without a doubt, is built to transport 5 passengers, including the driver. As a result, you can fold the seats in the second row to free up space for your luggage. The dashboard is made up of two colors: black and silver. The dashboard houses the automatic transmission, which is linked to 8 speakers, an amplifier, and a subwoofer.

The X70’s higher variant, in particular, has a panoramic sunroof. The  Proton X70 is equipped with the Geely Smart Ecosystem infotainment system, which can perform functions based on user voice commands. Furthermore, it has a WIFI and GSM sim slot, which provides mobile data coverage while driving.

Price of DFSK Glory 580 Pro vs Proton X70 Premium

When compared to its competitors, the Glory 580 Pro is the most affordable SUV. The features available in this vehicle provide excellent value for money. Glory 580 Pro is priced at Rs. 45,49,000 at launch. Besides that, the vehicle comes with a three-year/60,000-kilometer warranty, which is market competitive. To summarize the article, the Glory 580 Pro is a comfortable, safe, and convenient car that provides excellent value for money. It will have a significant impact on its competitors due to the fact that it includes all of the features found in a high-priced SUV.

However, despite the fact that the X70 launched in Pakistan, it is only a CBU unit. However, Ibad Jamal, Proton’s Marketing Director, stated that pre-orders for the locally assembled Proton X70 have begun. Furthermore, the Executive AWD costs Rs.4,890,00 and the Premium FWD costs Rs.5,390,000. The manufacturer’s warranty is 5 years/150,000 kilometers, which is significantly longer than the warranty offered by other newly launched SUVs in the Pakistani market.

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  1. Usman shehzad says

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    Well written! Bravo

  3. Javed says

    Thank you Zinnia, your article helped me to chose my vehicle. I will definitely go for Glory. I hope it proves me correct.

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