DIY Tips For Preventing Car Tyres From Bursting

One of the common issues faced by all drivers is the bursting of tyres, especially during the summers. There are many reasons for tyre bursting and can lead to severe accidents and there are many techniques for preventing car tyres from bursting. If you do not take care of your tyres, then a point will come when your tyres are going to burst and your car will get out of your control, and you will undergo an accident.

You can save your life by taking some precautionary measures for preventing car tyres from bursting and spending some money as life is more important than money. In this blog, we are going to share some vital information on how to prevent your tyres from bursting. These tips will help you drive safely, and there will be fewer chances of an accident. So, let us help you in saving your life as well as tyres.

Causes of a Tyre Burst

In this section, we are going to discuss some of the leading causes of tyre bursts. You must have seen in movies where during motor racing, the tyre suddenly burst, and the driver or racer loses control of the car. So, if you do not want to be in that situation, in reality, you need to know which factors can lead to the bursting of tyres.

1. Road Conditions

If you live in Pakistan, you will be well aware of the conditions of roads in Pakistan. With time, you must have learned how to avoid the bumps and obstacles on the road, but unfortunately, sometimes you will accidentally move your car to the wrong side of the road, and that can result in a puncture due to which pressurized air will start releasing from the tyre with great speed. The tyre will explode, and you know the rest.

2. Temperature:

Suppose you live in a country like Pakistan or India where the temperature rises to 50 degrees in summer. In that case, you have to take extra care of your tyre because, as we know that pressure is directly proportional to temperature. Therefore, as the temperature increases, the air pressure inside the tyre increases, and the tyre may explode due to expanding air, and friction between the surface of the tyre and the road.

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Techniques Used For Preventing Your Car Tyre From Bursting:

The following are some of the key methods that you must follow in preventing car tyres from bursting in any situation:

  1. Pressure Range of Air

The most important tip and method is to regularly check the pressure of air in the tyres to neither increase nor decrease. On hot summer days, try to keep slightly less air in the tyres to counter the expansion of air due to high temperatures.

  1. Nitrogen Content in Air

You must have seen that many air filling stations now provide nitrogen air on their stations. The reason behind this is that nitrogen helps in maintaining the pressure of the air inside the tyre and also prolongs the tyres’ service life, and also helps in preventing car tyres from bursting.

  1. Checking Quality of the Tyres

Every tyre has a tread indicator bar that must have a length of 1.5mm. If this tread mixes with the tyre, then it means that the tyre is no longer able to withstand the heat and friction and can burst at any time and need to be replaced as soon as possible.

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After reading this blog, you now have enough information about the causes and reasons for the bursting of tyres and know how the techniques will help you in preventing car tyres from bursting. Stay connected with us to get more automobile industry  information.

Let us know your thoughts in the comments and how this blog on preventing car tyres from bursting was helpful for you.

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