Honda Discontinues Civic Sedan From Japan: End Of An Era

COVID-19 has been merciless on us. Everyone and every business has been affected. The auto industry was not spared as well. In a recent happening, Honda ceased the production and supply of the Civic Sedan from Japan. This was a result of a fall in sales. Civic Sedan still will continue to be sold in foreign countries including Pakistan.

Honda sold only 1,619 units in the last year in the Japanese market. This means an average of 135 vehicles per month. However, corolla sold 104,406 units in 2019. It, hence, stood at 4th in overall sales in Japan. Honda wasn’t even in the first 50 in countrywide sales.

Honda Civic Sedan

Honda has pulled the plug on the supply of Civic Sedan in Japan before as well, in 2010. Back then, the reason was the same i.e. low sales. In 2017, Honda decided to relaunch the 10th generation in 2017. However, it didn’t go too well for this company either.

This recent discontinuation doesn’t mean that all hope is lost for Honda in the Japanese market. 250,000 units of Honda N-Box Kei car were sold in Japan last year. This goes to show that Japanese consumer prefer compact cars more as those are more convenient on congested roads.

Civic Sedan is a bit large for the roads in Japan. This results in road jams and long waiting periods that can be avoided if the driver has a different car. Type R hot hatch will still be sold in Japan.

Honda Swindon plant will be shut in UK in the next year. The Turkey assembly will be closed in 2021. Honda’s plan is to shift the production entirely to the United States or Europe.

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