First Electric Vehicle Charging Station In Islamabad, Pakistan

Do you live in Pakistan and have an electric vehicle? There is good news for you. The first electric vehicle charging station has been installed at the Pakistan State Oil (PSO) station in F-7, Islamabad.

The First Electric Vehicle Charging Station

The Ministry of Science and Technology announced this progressive development recently. The tweet by the said ministry stated, “Yet another target of transferring motor vehicles to electric power set by Federal Minister Science & Technology @fawadchaudhry has been achieved. The first ever electric vehicle charging unit has been installed in Islamabad. More EV manufacturing units would also be established.”

The spokesperson of the Ministry of Science and Technology was delighted to term this advancement as a “welcoming move” for Pakistan as it is soon going to watch more electric vehicles on the roads. Fawad Hussain, the Minister of Science and Technology, said that the introduction of the charging station will encourage people to switch to electric vehicles. He also hinted at the plan under work that will apply only 1% duty on the Electric Vehicles manufacturing plants in Pakistan. He said, “The Ministry of Science and Technology is also working on a policy to shift to electric vehicle charging station on battery in the future.”

This policy has been approved by the Prime Minister, Imran Khan. The aim is to bring more than 100,000 electric cars, buses, and trucks, with half a million electric motorcycles and rickshaws to Pakistan over the next half decade. Government’s is eyeing a minimum of 30% of all vehicles to be electric by the end of this new next decade.

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This is surely a step in the right direction to become progressive and bring more advancements into Pakistan. Such a development will allow us to play our part in saving the environment by cutting down on harmful gases and reducing air pollution. is your go-to resource for the latest auto news, tips, HOW-TOs, and vehicle comparisons. You can follow our social media accounts on FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedIn, and Pinterest to stay updated with news and updates. If you wish to decipher the world of automobiles, you have landed at the right place.

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