Five Safety Tips For Nighttime Driving

Night driving is undoubtedly more dangerous than driving during daytime and with us falling back to shorter days, it is advisable to take extra care on the road. According to research, fatal accidents are three times more likely to occur as compared to the daytime. One of the primary reasons for this is reduced visibility.

With that being said, let us take a look at few of the safety tips you should keep in mind while driving at night.

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1. Clean Your Windshield

A dirty or damaged windshield can be a major hazard for your safety while you are on the road. They potentially increase the effects of glare thereby decreasing your visibility. It is a good practice to clean headlights and windshields regularly.

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2. Properly Aim Your Lights

Double-check your car headlights and taillights to make sure they are in good working order and aimed properly. Also, check for the turn indicators and make sure they are all working because they are critical while driving at night. The goal is to see and be seen without blinding other drivers on the road so it is advisable to make sure everything is in place and working the way it should be.

3. Don’t Stare At Oncoming Lights

Bright lights coming from other vehicles on the road can be very disturbing at times and has the ability to disrupt your concentration at night. Try not to stare at the lights on the road and turn your gaze away from the oncoming high beams. Whether the oncoming car’s high beams are on or not properly aimed, either way it is better to look away.

4. Clean And Adjust Exterior Mirrors

Like a dirty windshield, dirty mirrors can be a cause of distraction for the driver. They reflect the lights from cars behind you in a broader shape that can result in producing a glare in your eyes so they need to be cleaned up. Also, the mirrors need to be adjusted properly so you can have a clear view of your surrounding traffic.

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5. No Over-speeding

According to a study, around 37 percent of the night driving fatalities are caused due to over-speeding mainly due to reduced visibility and relatively shorter reaction times. It is always in your interest to drive at a slow speed especially at night to avoid any unpleasant incident.

You can also apply the safe following distance rule as a precautionary measure while driving at night. Make sure to stay at least 6-second distance from the vehicle ahead of you.

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If you keep in mind the above tips for night driving, you will be more likely to have a safe nighttime driving experience.

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