Five Tips For Driving In Snow

Harsh weather conditions especially snow can be dangerous for travellers. It is better to stay home and avoid risks rather than going out for a venture. Despite all this if you are willing to go, then you must keep certain things in your mind in order to have a safe journey.

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Let us deep dive into some of the important tips you should follow while driving in snow:

1. Drive Smoothly

It is a lot different to drive on snow as compared to a smooth road. The key to drive safe on snow is to be very gentle with each move. You should be very calm and relaxed. You must apply brakes very carefully as there is a chance of slipping. Avoid quick movement of steering as it can loosen your control on car.

2. Clear Your Mind

Keeping the fact in your mind that you are driving on snow, it is advisable to reduce speed as much as possible. You must keep a safe distance from the car ahead of you. It is necessary to drive with a present mind. Apply brakes twice earlier than you usually do as there is a chance of skidding. Try to move off in second gear as it will reduce chances of wheel slip.

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3. Prepare Yourself

You must be fully prepared and well equipped before driving on snow. Don’t forget sunglasses as they help to reduce the glare of low winter sun. Wear comfortable shoes to keep yourself warm. Accompany yourself with a small toolkit as you might need it during your journey. Though it is cold but don’t forget your water bottle.

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4. Check Your Car Tyres

Always check your car tyres before going on a long journey and it becomes more important when you are driving on snow. To avoid slipping, it is necessary that you must have strong tyres. You can also use snow chains if condition of your tyres is not good or you are driving in heavy snow.

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5. Jumper Cables

Cold weather may affect your car’s battery. You won’t be able to start your car with a dead battery so jumper cables will help you to start your car in such condition. Without getting a new battery you can continue your journey.

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Follow these tips while driving in snow and stay safe!

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