Ford V8: A Seven Decades Old Masterpiece

Before the partition, there were many cars used by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah. In this blog, we are going to discuss the Ford V8, a vintage car that is still available in Pakistan and India after 72+ years of independence. This car was used by many cabinet ministers of that time, and we have only two cars in both India and Pakistan now. One Ford V8 is owned by a Nawab of Bahawalpur.

Ford has never launched a car with the name Ford V8, but people used to call the models 18 and 40 as Ford V8 because the V8 engines were introduced in these models for the first time. This was the last success of Ford. This vintage car has great historical value due to its usage by great leaders of the time. This car was launched in 1932-34 and is still available in Pakistan with moving parts. The Ford V8 is a masterpiece of its own and has some of the features now available in modern vehicles.

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The Two Models That Were Named ‘Ford V8’

There were two models which were known as the Ford V8 just because of their engine; Model 18 launched in 1932, and model 40 launched in 1934. Ford V8 was established as a response to Chevrolet, that manufactured cars with a straight 6-engine. Ford started to install V8 engines in affordable cars, although, before this V8 engines were only available in luxurious cars.

The V8 engine became more common after the World War-II as their prices drop and the hot ridders modified their cars and installed V8 engines.

Specifications of Ford V8

The following are some of the specifications of the two models that have been introduced in 1932 and 1934:


Both of these models have a V8 engine. 2V/CYL and side values. These engines were produced in mass production after 1932. These engines are known for their durability and performance. They were initially present in expensive cars, but Henry Ford installed V8 engines against the straight 6-engine installed by Chevrolet to beat the competition. This was the last notable success of Ford.

Top Speed

Ford V8 1932 had a top speed of 76 mph while the Ford V8 1934 had a top speed of 65mph which were the best top speeds of their time. These were considered royal, and it was also used by our great leader Quaid-e-Azam, so it has historical significance as well. This was the most stylish and top-notch car of its time and has features that most modern cars have today.

 Fuel Tank Capacity

This car was used for traveling by Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the founder of Pakistan and other cabinet ministers all the time, as it has a 16-gallon fuel tank capacity. Due to its good fuel economy, it was one of the luxurious cars of its time.

Fastest Cars of Their Times

Ford V8 was considered one of the fastest road cars because before this time, V8 engines were used only in luxurious and expensive cars. So, 76 mph (1932) and 65 mph (1934) were the highest speeds of that time. All of these cars have a V8 engine and a three-speed manual transmission.

The Reason For Popularity of Ford V8

The following are some of the prominent factors that are involved in making the V8 popular among leaders and the general public:

  • Its graceful and stylish design
  • The V8 engine
  • Its use of rudders
  • After the World War-II, the V8 engine lost its cost so, it was extensively installed by hot rudders, which resulted in the popularity of the Ford V8.
  • As leaders used it, so this was also one of the reasons for V8 popularity.

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Price of Ford V8

Many models of the V8 were introduced, and each of them had different prices. Here we will mention some of the most common Ford V8 cars available today, along with their prices in the year 1934.

  • Deluxe Tudor is one of the popular models of the V8 series and has a price of $575.
  • Deluxe Forder is another famous model of the V8 series with a market price of $625.
  • Victoria was considered one of the most luxurious cars of their time and had a price tag of $610.

After reading this, you might be interested in purchasing this car as a patriotic citizen of Pakistan.

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