From Tractor To Ultra-Sports Car: The Origin Of Lamborghini

The brilliant mind behind Lamborghini was born in Italy in 1916 and named Ferruccio Lamborghini. He was a self-driven, dedicated and capable individual dreaming endlessly and working hard to achieve those dreams.

After the World War II was over, Ferruccio started making tractors due to the increased demand in the agricultural area where he lived. He even started making the tractor engines himself. His tractors became people’s favourite so much so that in 1960, the rate of production was 400 per month. By that time, Ferruccio was very successful and wealthy. He owned various top-notch cars but wasn’t truly satisfied by any. He started thinking of developing a high-performing car.


Ferruccio Lamborghini loved to name his powerful beasts upon the names of known bulls. That was associated with the bull in the logo design.

First Cars

When he took his decision of venturing into the world of luxury high-quality cars, Ferruccio Lamborghini described that moment as, “It was the moment when I finally decided to create the perfect car”.  He started working on his brilliant idea in 1962 and by his hard work and determination, he had already founded “Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini” along with buying a large plot in Sant ’Agata Bolognese to build a large top-of-the-line factory. His experience was incomparable and benefitted him in setting up facilities and bringing his idea to life.

At Turin Auto Show of 1963, he unveiled his first car, the 350 GTV that was soon recognized as the 12-cylinder masterpiece. This vehicle was how Ferruccio debuted his enterprise “Automobili Ferruccio Lamborghini” to the world. In the next year, the prototype created a production vehicle, the 350 GT. It was then followed by the 400 GT, produced in 120 specimens. Ferruccio rightly motivated his entire team of mechanics and engineers that led to the production of state-of-the-art cars like Miura, the Islero, the Espada, and the Jarama. All of these were jaw-dropping and impressed the spectators.

The Miura was first shown on November 1965 at the Turin Auto Show. Only the frame was shown at the show in which the engine was transversely mid-mounted like the F1 race cars. In less than a year, Marcello Gandini executed the car design. In 1966, at the Geneva show, Miura was launched, and it stunned everyone.

In 1973, Lamborghini left the world speechless with his revolutionary LP400 Countach. Only a model was shown. It is still a widely liked car. It had vertically mounted rear air intakes coupled with powerful 4 Litre engine.


In 1970s, the company saw extreme hardships in terms of finances. In 1980, the Mimran brothers bought the drowning enterprise. In 1980s, Lamborghini was expanding at such a high rate that was unmanageable by the private investors. Then the ideal organization was Chrysler. A legal agreement was signed between Mimran Brothers and Chrysler on April 23, 1987 in Sant ‘Agata with Lamborghini employees also considered. The company soar to new heights and saw the peak in 1991.

Death of the founder

Ferruccio Lamborghini died in 1993 at the age of 76. It was a dreadful time as the man behind such a big name in the automobile factory was no more in the world.

Current ownership

In 1994, Chrysler sold Lamborghini to Mega Tech under which this roaring car family won Class 1 World Off-Shore championship. Lamborghini and Audi shareholders signed an agreement on July 24, 1998 that gave Audi full control of Lamborghini.

Till this date, Lamborghini stays unrivalled in terms of style and advance technology. People still dream of getting their hands on these master pieces.

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